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The only luxury student property brand,
offering assured returns in the UK’s strongest asset class.

What is Vita Student?

Vita Student is the UK’s No.1 student property brand – the first of its kind dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality, purpose built student residences in the UK.

Recognising the shift in the higher education market, Vita Student and its award-winning team have successfully created exceptional self-contained student properties complete with first class facilities, unlike anything that has existed before.

For the investor, Vita Student offers a hassle-free, fully-managed property investment with assured returns in the UK’s best student accommodation projects.
Student Accommodation >

Student Accommodation

The UK’s only provider of luxury student property, specifically designed for an undersupplied market.

Student Accommodation

Student Property has outperformed every other asset type in the UK for the last 2 years.

According to recent reports by The Times, Knight Frank, and The Financial Times, student accommodation has overtaken every other commercial and residential property type in the UK and US.

The student property sector has gathered significant pace over the last few years and is now worth more than £200 billion. This growth has been directly influenced by the global increase in student numbers, which reached 165 million in 2009. As supply continues to fall behind demand, rental income generated by student property, especially in the UK, remains among some of the highest for any property type, anywhere in the world.
International Student Numbers >

International Student Numbers

The UK is the world’s 2nd largest host country to overseas students, and nothing has been designed for them, until now.

International Student Numbers

Britain already educates close to half a million international students, and there had been nothing specifically designed to house them, until Vita Student.

Attracted by the combination of comparatively cheap tuition fees and a leading standard of education, the UK is set to be a major benefactor to the expected 57% growth in students studying outside their home country over the next few years.

International students have created significant demand for high-quality, purpose-built student accommodation.

With higher budgets for housing and the requirement to feel safe and comfortable in a foreign country, international students have created significant demand for high-quality, fully self-contained, purpose-built student accommodation in city centre locations close to their institution of study.

In spite of this, most projects provide a more standard level of specification, leaving a gap in the market for true high-end student property. Vita Student is the first student accommodation brand to cater especially for this rapidly growing, higher-end of the market and, in turn, create a compelling opportunity for investors.

Unlike Anything Before >

what is vita 46

Vita Student properties are the first and only luxury student residences in the UK.

Unlike anything before

Each individual studio is a property in its own right with a personal kitchen, en-suite and workstation, setting them completely apart from typical student rooms in Britain.

All Vita Student properties are completed to an unrivalled level of specification, equal to that of a four-star hotel.

In addition, compared to standard student accommodation with shared living areas and cooking facilities, Vita Student properties are larger and completely self-contained, fitted with high-quality kitchens and en-suite shower rooms.

Designed especially with international students in mind, Vita Student developments are located in close proximity to places of study, and are home to large communal areas and unprecedented support services and facilities.

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