4 reasons to book student accommodation for next year NOW

4 reasons to book student accommodation for next year NOW

Re-booking your accommodation might not be something at the top of your to-do list. But here's 4 reasons why it's worth doing sooner rather than later.

Course work. Revision. Going out. Watching that episode of that sitcom you like on Netflix for the fifth time this week.

Let’s be honest, thinking about rebooking your accommodation for next year is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities at this time of year.

But aside from simply getting it sorted and out of the way, there are several very good reasons why you might want to do it now rather than leaving it for another day:

1.      Availability is shrinking

Between super organised students and those keen ones looking to sort accommodation out for the first time, more rooms tend to be booked in the first half of the academic year than at any other time.

That means whether you’re looking to find the rooms within the best developments and with the best facilities, or whether you’re simply hoping to secure your current room again next year, there’s a window of opportunity in which to do so…and it’s closing with every passing day!

2.      Christmas is a great time to chat with parents and family

If you’re planning on heading home at the end of December for the Christmas break, you should have some free time in which to give booking accommodation some thought.

Crucially, though, if you rely on parents or family to pay for your accommodation, you’ll have an opportunity to sit down and discuss your options for next year during the break, rather than doing so over the phone or via Skype or email.

3.      Your calendar might be busier in the New Year

With deadlines, revision and exams all in store for the spring and summer terms, your spare time will become precious in the New Year.

And if you’re spending the vast majority of the day working and studying, you’ll need your downtime to see friends and watch hilarious videos on YouTube, not look online for accommodation.

4.      The best incentives and offers are available NOW!

Here’s a little secret – accommodation brands want to book out their rooms as early in the year as possible.

That means as a student, you’re more likely to find the best rates and, sometimes, the best offers and incentives, on rooms now, rather than later in the year.

To re-book your Vita Student accommodation for 2017/18, go to the My Account section of the website, or contact a member of the Vita Student team.

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