5 things you can get involved with as a Vita Student marketeer

5 things you can get involved with as a Vita Student marketeer

Are you a marketing graduate looking to start your career? With a work week as diverse and energetic as you can imagine, being a member of our team is as full-on as it is fun. Below are just some of the activities our marketers are involved in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Get the party started

You can truly shape the students’ experience by planning year-round events held in each respective hub. We’re talking End of Year balls, Halloween parties and exclusive fashion shows. 

You don’t need to just reimagine an event you may have attended – think out of the box. As part of the Vita Student team, you can be involved in our event planning every step of the way, from dates and duration right down to the nitty gritty of colour schemes and marketing materials.


Pay us a visit

You might need to assist with an event you’ve helped organise or simply visit a residence to help see how we can improve the marketing in the building.

You can take an active part in what the students will see on a day-to-day basis in the hub and other shared areas. By being so influential, you can support each Vita Student residence and be part of creating a lasting community.

You’ll also get to meet the students – learn what they like, what they don’t and what they want from their home. Then you’ll have the exciting task of thinking of inventive ways to give it to them.


Brand new

You will have a unique viewpoint compared to anyone in the Vita Student team – you’ll be able to provide an unbiased, fresh view of the brand.

By witnessing first-hand how we market the Vita Student brand, you can learn how we have developed and how we sell ourselves as a company. You’ll learn our brand values and how we represent them through everything we do.

Once you’re familiar with all the ins and outs, you can bring your new perspective to all our marketing materials and make sure everything we do aligns with Vita Student’s goals.


It’s a number’s game

You’ll be given training on reporting all the success that you’ve helped to generate through our marketing activity. Tracking lead generation and keeping an eye on our year-on-year growth will become second nature to you.

By analysing and presenting all the data, you’ll learn quickly what’s working and what isn’t. You will be able to highlight ongoing trends, celebrate a campaign’s success and see room for improvement across every residence.


Lighting up our live feeds

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. We know you’re already a seasoned professional. Now you can take the reins of the Vita Student accounts and shape our social output.

You can bring your experience as a student into play here. What do you love to see appear on your live feed? Think unique, exciting and audience-appropriate. You will research all our competitors and see how they manage their social media, then work on making Vita Student’s the best of the best.  

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