5 tips for the most British summertime ever

5 tips for the most British summertime ever

It’s happened. It’s here – that elusive of all things, the British summer.

We don’t know how long the weather will be this glorious. It can be a fleeting thing, a British summer. So with that in mind, we’ve made a list of the five ultimate activities for the most stereotypical British summer you could ever imagine. 

Weather permitting.


1) Typical pub grub by the coast

Brighton, Blackpool, Bournemouth. Wherever is easiest or most exciting for you to get to, find a coastal town and pack your bags. It’s time to experience a British beach.

It’s not all about the sun, sand and seagulls at the British seaside. The experience isn’t complete without typical pub grub, our favourite being a delicious fish and chips. To truly amplify your British summer, make sure you add vinegar on your chips and mushy peas on the side.

Optional extras are treating yourself to an ice-cream (ask for a 99) and renting a deckchair in prime position.


2) Sweet treats and tennis

For two weeks of the year, every year, the country is gripped by Wimbledon fever. The international tennis tournament, one of if not the most prestigious in the sport, brings out the inner-tennis fan in most.

Watching Wimbledon on TV is an option, but to get the most out of this tournament you have to visit. Nothing can be more British than a day spent at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Tickets to the courts can be expensive but worth it, however getting a grounds pass is much cheaper and you get to be part of the infamous “queue”.

The tournament has so many traditions it even has its own dessert - strawberries and cream. Whether you watch 5 days of Wimbledon or 5 minutes, it’s a perfect excuse to tuck into this quintessential British delicacy.


3) Host a BBQ in the park

A disposable BBQ is a must-have for any self-respecting Brit during the summer months. Hosting your BBQ in an outside space or garden works fine, but to really soak up the sun we recommend finding a local park. Nothing tastes better than when it’s come straight off the BBQ!

You can make your own menu to suit your tastes. Allocate your friends different tasks, like bringing paper plates and cups, a picnic blanket and, if you fancy, the most British of summer pastimes - a Frisbee.

Make sure the park you choose allows for BBQs and clean up after yourself once you’re all done. You could even tour your local area or go on a road trip and host a BBQ in every place you visit. It’s a fun way to experience the great outdoors and make new friends (who can bring food to your next BBQ).


4) The most British of festivals

Festivals are incredibly popular during a British summer, with many to choose from. Your choices include the legendary Glastonbury, Reading, Latitude and more. The summer months are so full of festivals; you’re bound to find one for your musical tastes.

However, for something a little more stereotypically British, why not try International Beatleweek in the last week of August? Hosted at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles used to perform before they hit the big time, bands from over 20 countries pay tribute to the fabulous foursome.


5) Afternoon, it’s time for tea

Nothing is more regal or British than having high tea, sometimes known as afternoon tea. The menu is quaint, typically with finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, homemade cakes and pastries and tea. Plenty of tea.

Many hotels across the country offer high tea or afternoon tea deals for two or more people and for an extra special occasion, you can always try a Champagne afternoon tea. Betty’s, café tea rooms found in the north-east, has been running since 1919 and their afternoon tea is legendary.


Summer, summer, summertime

So there you have it – our list of some of the most British things you can do this summer. Luckily enough, only a few are weather dependent. We can’t guarantee that the sun will keep on shining, but we can guarantee you’ll have an absolutely fantastic British summertime regardless.

Plus, it wouldn’t be a true British summer without the odd rain cloud now, would it?

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