6 autumn photo tips for the perfect seasonal Instagram shot

6 autumn photo tips for the perfect seasonal Instagram shot

Looking to capture that perfect fall picture for your Insta? From choosing the right filters & times of day, follow these tips for photos that demand likes!

The clocks have gone back. The days are getting shorter. The pavements are covered in leaves.

Yep – autumn is here. And if you’re a budding photographer or avid Instagram user, this is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to get your cameras out!

From the contrasts in the skyline to the vibrancy in the trees, if it’s colour you’re looking for, autumn is the season for you.

So if you want a snap that’s going to light up your friends’ Instagram feed and will instantly prompt them to hit the like button, follow these 6 tips for capturing the perfect autumn photo:

1.      Decide on what you want to capture

Are you drawn to the definition of the foliage? Maybe you’re captivated by the colour that permeates from a clear sky on a perfect autumn day?

While going outside for a wander will naturally bring inspiration, venturing out with an idea of the kind of thing you want to capture will help you to channel that creativity.

What’s more, managing to get the perfect photo of the scene you set out to find will ultimately feel more rewarding, too.

2.      Choose the best place to go

It doesn’t matter if you live in Sheffield or Newcastle as opposed to The Alps or British Columbia – there are plenty of places you can go at this time of year in your home city in pursuit of that ultimate seasonal shot.

Obviously, heading to your local park, forest or area of natural beauty, places swarming with trees, plants and wildlife, should be somewhere near the top of your list. As too should locations close to rivers, canals, and footpaths set among rolling hills.

But there’s also plenty to be said for more urban settings, as well. There can be something magical about using street lights, busy city centres and university architecture as a backdrop for the changing season, while the vibrant colours can make even the most industrial setting look picturesque.

3.      Pick the right time of day for the image you want to capture

While you’ll still manage to get some good shots when you’re out and about during the day, for the autumn photo that will truly stand out on timelines and social newsfeeds, sunrise and sunset are undeniably the best times to get out at this time of year.

The first and last hours of sunlight will extenuate your photos with natural light, the kind that cannot be replicated with any Instagram filter.

Whether you choose to get up early or get your camera ready as you’re on your way home in the late afternoon, the twilight will really bring out those quintessentially autumn reds, browns and golds in your shots.

4.      Experiment with angles and tech settings

Once you’ve found the ideal subject and setting, don’t be afraid to experiment with angles.

Will your shot of the falling leaves next to the river look even better if taken from a higher position? Maybe that picture of the red and purple evening sky will look even more breath-taking with your camera looking directly up at it?

Also, if you can get your hands on an SLR camera or something as equally professional, why not ditch the iPhone for a change and make that shot even more spectacular with a higher pixel lens? Then you can play around with an array of different settings, from the balance and contrast, to make your colours even richer and sharper.

5.      Don’t rely on Instagram filters alone

Valencia? Willow? Earlybird?

Sometimes it’s easy to spend longer selecting the best Instagram filter for your photo than it took to source and capture! But did you know that there are lots of different apps out there that could do an ever better job?

Apps such as Photoshop Express and Picsart Photo Studio allow you to airbrush and touch up your shots like a pro, allowing you to get an even edgier look and to really make those colours pop.

Make the changes, save this version and upload it to Instagram. You can still apply the usual filters once you’re in Instagram, but you probably won’t need to.

If you’re really sneaky, you could even caption it with a #nofilter to fool your friends into thinking it’s all completely natural!

6.      Don’t forget to ###

Finally, speaking of tag captions, you won’t want to miss out on using all the most searched for autumn photo hashtags to ensure your masterpiece gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

Some of the most popular at this time of year include:

  • #autumn
  • #autumnleaves
  • #autumncolors
  • #autumnal
  • #autumndays
  • #autumntime
  • #autumnmood
  • #autumnweather
  • #autumnlove
  • #autumnsun
  • #autumnwalk
  • #autumnsky
  • #autumnstyle
  • #autumnvibes

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