Be a Poster Poser and WIN!

Be a Poster Poser and WIN!

Visiting home or going on holiday this Christmas? Find out how you can win £250 worth of STA Travel vouchers just by posing next to a famous landmark!

If you love a selfie and are planning on doing some travelling over the Christmas period, then we’ve got the competition for you.

We want you to be a Poster Poser.

Whether you’re going on an exciting holiday or adventure over the next few weeks, or even if you’re just travelling home to see family, we want you to track down a famous landmark wherever you are.

Then, complete with a Vita Student poster, strike the best pose next to that landmark and upload to social media using #VitaStudent.

It could be the Pyramids in Cairo, Stonehenge in Wiltshire, or even just a famous landmark in your hometown. Wherever it is, snap it with you and your poster in shot, and upload it.

The prize

We’ll judge all Poster Posers tagged #VitaStudent. And, for the one lucky person deemed to be the ultimate Poster Poser, we will give them £250 of STA Travel vouchers! 

How to enter:

  1. Get a Vita Student poster from your residence managers
  2. Take it with you on your travels this Christmas
  3. Visit a famous landmark wherever you are in the world
  4. Pose for the ultimate photo or selfie with your poster
  5. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using #VitaStudent
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