Christmas on social media: The 6 types of people you encounter

Christmas on social media: The 6 types of people you encounter

Everybody celebrates Christmas in their own way. But one thing everyone can relate to are these people all over their social networks at this time of year

Christmas. Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s still a wonderful time to spend with friends and family.

Here in the UK it’s time to wrap up warm. Watch seasonal films. Or simply make the most of the time off by relaxing and taking it easy.

But no matter how you spend it, there’s no escaping the six types of people you’ll almost certainly encounter on social media over the next few weeks.

The question is…which one are you??

The Over-Excited One

This is the person that LOVES Christmas – and they want you to know about it. They were putting up photos of their Christmas tree in October and were updating their statuses saying they were watching films like Home Alone and The Polar Express in September. They spend four weeks uploading selfies wearing a different Christmas jumper, and probably still write letters to Santa. 

The Scrooge

In contrast, we’ve all got that one friend or follower who goes public with their disdain for the holiday season. They moan “it’s too early” when Christmas songs come on the radio and when shops start selling festive products. It’s probably safe to allow The Scrooge onto your timeline once again after about the 15th December, but you might want to mute their grumbles for the four weeks before then.

The Bragger

This person tends to only surface on Christmas morning, but you certainly can’t miss them! Some of them list an entire array of gifts that they’ve been “so so spoilt” with. Others, more smugly, will simply upload a photo of one of their new expensive possessions with a one-word caption or winky-face emoji. Either way, they go out of their way to let everyone know just how well they’ve done in the present stakes.

The Traveller

While this friend is probably never too far from an airport all year round, The Traveller gets their passport out again at Christmas – and has Facebook and Instagram at the ready to showcase the exotic destination or winter wonderland that they get to spend the festive season in. While you’re adding a fifth layer of clothing in the UK, they’re selfishly splashing a beach-side snap all over your newsfeed. Or when you’re chowing down on dry turkey with your family, they’re posting about eating wood-smoked chestnuts in a chalet in the snow-drenched forests of Lapland.

The Soppy Couple

Thought Valentines’ Day was bad? Well Christmas probably isn’t far behind when it comes to couples of social media proclaiming their love for each other. The Soppy Couple are out in force during the holidays. “Our first Christmas together xoxo” followed by the obligatory selfie next to the tree. A post announcing just how special their other half is to them. Or sometimes they completely outdo themselves and get engaged, so don’t be surprised to see a few photos of ring-adorned fingers on your timelines this year.

The Parent

The Parent falls into two categories.

The first is the young/first-time parent. A couple of years ago they might have been any of the above people, posting holiday photos or group shots with friends enjoying a Christmas Eve drink. But now they can’t help themselves uploading cute photos of their children excitedly opening their presents on Christmas morning.

The other type is the older parent. These are the ones that take pride in embarrassing their kids on Facebook with photos and statues for all of their university friends to see. They capture touching family moments and caption them with something like “still a big kid at heart”.

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