Crystal clear: busting the top 10 student Clearing myths

Crystal clear: busting the top 10 student Clearing myths

We know results day can be a rollercoaster of emotion. The good. The bad. The unexpected C where you were predicted a B.

But even if you didn’t get the grades you had hoped, or you’ve only just this minute decided university is for you, don’t fret. Clearing doesn’t have to be confusing! Here at Vita Student we promise, once you’ve read our article, that all the most widely held Clearing myths will be completely and utterly busted.

1. There’s a limit to how many places you can hold

You can contact and accept verbal offers from as many universities as you like.

The only limit is time and how many universities you commit to on the UCAS Track service – that can only be one. Only submit the details of the university and course you’re 100% happy with, as this is your way of officially accepting the offer.

2. You don’t need to have applied to university this year to be eligible

You need to have completed a UCAS application and be registered to the site, but no, you are eligible for Clearing without even applying for a single university course this year.

However, some universities may see a lack of previous applications as a sign of reduced commitment to higher education. Institutions would choose prospective students who have already applied this year over those who have only entered Clearing.

3. You can’t apply to a university that’s previously rejected you

If you didn’t manage to get the grades for your original course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply to the same university in Clearing. If you’ve found an alternative course where you meet the entry requirements, apply away!

4. Clearing closes before the September term

Not at all! In fact, Clearing is already open and it is known that universities offer places on courses right up until mid-October.

5. You can visit the university before accepting a place

If you start browsing for a course on Clearing the minute you get your results, you have plenty of time. You can hold as many verbal offers as you like, visit the universities in question, then make your decision and add the relevant info into the UCAS Track service.

Most universities will give you their own respective deadline for responding to their verbal offer, so bear that in mind.

6. You have to call the universities yourself

It can be tempting to try and double (or triple) up your efficiency and ask others to help you, but when it comes to picking up the phone it needs to be done solo.

Don’t ask a friend or family member to call a university on your behalf, as the university won’t accept this, nor offer you a verbal offer unless they speak directly with you.

7. You can’t hold places and need to make a decision straight away

See #1 – you can be as greedy as you like and hold an unlimited amount of verbal offers. You also have the luxury of a little time. Don’t feel pressured to make your decision straight away, especially if you aren’t completely sold on your options.

As #5, if the university has given you a relatively long deadline before responding to their verbal offer you may even have the time to visit before you commit.

8. You don’t have to apply for the type of course you originally applied for

Fancy like swapping Biology for Business? You can!

If you applied for an English Literature course originally, you don’t have to apply for an alternative English Literature course during Clearing.

In some cases, Clearing can be a blessing in disguise as you have an opportunity to rethink your degree of choice. Don’t feel restricted! If you feel differently about your original subject choice following your results, take a moment to rethink your options.

9. You have to accept an offer on results day

Definitely not true! The deadline you need to focus on and adhere to is the date you receive from the university you will formally apply to. It’s almost unheard of that this will be the same day as you received your results.

10. Clearing closes at the end of results day

Certainly not! Don’t panic. Universities accept students onto courses through Clearing right up until mid-October.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the UCAS Track service as early as possible though, and courses fill up quickly depending on demand. But don’t make what could be a life-changing decision in the space of 24 hours – you’ve got time to make sure you’re happy with your choice, even if it wasn’t one you expected to make.

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