Five reasons why graduate schemes are your perfect career stepping stone

Five reasons why graduate schemes are your perfect career stepping stone

Applying for a job as a graduate can be incredibly daunting – hundreds (if not thousands) of jobs on the market, all seemingly offering you your best chance of a fulfilling career. We list below the top reasons why bagging yourself a place on a graduate scheme could be the best career decision you ever make.

 If you haven’t already, we recommend reading our guide on how to create the most impressive CV and best practices for job applications to start that one step ahead.

Save yourself the effort of scrolling through page after page of job vacancies. If you’re certain on what industry you want to work within, graduate schemes are your tried-and-tested perfect step on the career ladder.


1) Learn a thing or two (or five)

Nothing beats gaining experience in the industry or sector you see yourself building a career. Not only do graduate schemes assure that, but you’ll be receiving hands-on tutorial from those who have spent years in the field. You’ll be able to pick their brain about what you can expect during your chosen career.

Many roles that aren’t part of a graduate scheme rarely focus on on-the-job training and largely expect you to learn as you go.


2) You won’t be earning peanuts

Graduate jobs and schemes both offer attractive starting salaries that beat out most other roles available. Beyond the wage you receive every month, established graduate schemes can also come with a bounty of benefits.

When you’ve just finished university, the wage will be much more noticeable than your termly student loan.


3) And exhale – greater job security is yours

Usually following a fixed schedule, graduate scheme jobs tend to come with a stronger sense of job security than others. Most last for a year and are structured so as to include progression when you reach the end of the scheme.

That’s not to say that you have a guaranteed job once you’ve completed the scheme – competition will be fierce – but most employers will take and train graduates with the purpose of keeping them on as full-time employees.


4) Your reputation precedes you

Whether you intend on staying with the company following completion of your graduate scheme or not, it certainly helps the appeal of your CV to other employers if you have experience at a renowned company.

If you’re looking for a graduate scheme to be part of, check out the Vita Student Marketing Graduate Development Programme.


5) Going the extra mile

With some graduate jobs you’ll even get the chance to travel around. Whether this is to an office in another city or to an employee getaway, the possibilities are varied and can provide you with some invaluable experience!


So what are you waiting for? Sharpen that CV, iron that shirt and prepare yourself for a life as a prosperous professional – one with a graduate scheme under their belt.


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