Result! A student’s survival guide to A-Level results day

Result! A student’s survival guide to A-Level results day

For everyone involved, A-Level results day is a whirlwind of emotion. But beyond that, A-Level results day is when you have the chance to solidify your future.

Let Vita Student take you through your big day, one step at a time. We promise you’ll be cool, calm and collected.


Check your university place has been confirmed!

You don’t have to wait until you’ve received your results officially to know your place at university is unconditionally confirmed – simply log onto to UCAS the moment you wake up and check the status of your applications.

UCAS won’t be able to tell you the exact grades you’ve achieved, but you can rest a little easier if you know your #1 choice has accepted you.


Pick up your results in person

Make sure you’ve checked your school’s website so you’re aware what time you can go to pick up your results. Depending on whether you’ve checked UCAS Track or not, you may know what to expect at this point.


If it hasn’t, don’t panic – read our Clearing articles to guide you through

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you’re disappointed with your grades, don’t worry. Vita Student have you covered with our how-to Clearing article and we’ve also eradicated the top 10 myths surrounding the process.

It’s important to appreciate the hard work you’ve put into your A-Levels, even if you didn’t get the results you wanted or expected. Don’t be too hard on yourself.




If you’ve done better than expected, try the Adjustment service

Sometimes things do go to plan. Sometimes too well. If you’ve overachieved, you don’t have to accept the offers you have from the universities you originally applied for. UCAS have a service called Adjustment, that lets you apply for courses with entry requirements more suited to your actual grades.

If you’re happy with your original course and university, don’t feel like you need to change your plans. You’ve probably chosen your course for a multitude of reasons, not just that you could get the results necessary.


Get searching for your new home, if you haven’t already

If you haven’t already had a look for your new home while you’re studying, now’s the time. A lot of prospective students think their only option is to go into their university halls, but that’s not the case! Though each respective university halls are a good way of meeting other students, the quality, facilities on offer and location can be outdated and/or plain rubbish.

Your other options include student accommodation (that’s us!) or renting privately. Renting privately may be a practical option, but you’ll be secluded from other students during a time when you’ll want to be in the thick of it. Specialist student accommodation is always popular and it can be difficult to find a place so close to the start of term, but if you’re lucky to find a room you’ll be spoilt with a bunch of facilities, close to campus and live in the same building as people in the same position as you. If you need advice finding your new home during university, please contact us and we can help you.


2:00pm - ?
The most important of all – celebrate!

No matter the outcome, it’s the time to congratulate yourself on the effort you’ve put into the last two years. Gather your friends, family and anyone who has been through the ride and celebrate your achievements.

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