The Best Costume Idea’s For Halloween 2015 – Part 1

The Best Costume Idea’s For Halloween 2015 – Part 1

Halloween is just around the corner. Yes that time of year is here when you can wear the most horrific thing you could possibly imagine and it’s completely okay to do so.

One thing about students doing Halloween is that you can wear something horrific and improvise to your heart’s content whilst making the most of the fact that the art student in your halls can do your makeup, the graphic designer can attach things to your costume and the scientist can measure up the perfect spooky cocktail. Guys, although makeup may not be your thing, living within close vicinity of a lot of girls means that you can get all the help you need.

Here are some ideas for unisex costumes to get you started, if you have anything to add feel free to drop us a comment in the space below.

5 – Devil

When you start scouring the web for devil costume ideas a lot of shopping ideas appear all of which are likely to be way outside of the average student budget.

However, the only staple items that you really need to buy for the devil outfit is a pair of plastic horns and possibly a fork (you should definitely get change from a fiver) and the rest you can get from your wardrobe or borrow your friends. Guy’s you should opt for black trousers and a red top and girls should go for a red dress or red skirt and black top. As for makeup, red face paint with black lips and maybe black eyes would be very devilish but if you don’t want your whole face to be red (this is mainly aimed at the girls) go for dark black eyes and red lips.

4 – Skeleton

To create a skeleton Halloween costume you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy one of those glow in the dark bodysuits.

You can easily start off your costume with a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings and plain long sleeved black top and gloves. There are two ways that you can apply bones to your outfit one way is by drawing them on with chalk (which should easily wash out)or by cutting out bone shapes and safety pinning them to your outfit, and they will glow in the dark. For your face you can either facepaint it white and add black for the eye sockets or you can buy a cheap mask to save the effort.

3 – A Mummy

It’s amazing what you can do with a bedsheet. Head to your nearest charity shop, carboot sale or primark and get a large white or cream bed sheet and arm yourself with a decent pair of scissors.

To create the ideal mummy costume you will, of course, need to cut the sheet into strips to cover yourself in them, you can remember learning about the Egyptians in school right? Although it may be tempting to cut the sheet into strips and start wrapping them straight around your body this could create problems when you need to go to the bathroom and you can still be an authentic mummy even if you are wearing clothes.

Start off by cutting the sheet into long strips and then safety pin them to a pair of leggings or jeans, do the same with the top half of your body (attach to a plain top) and you have your body base, and you’ll be able to use the toilet. Try to cut thicker strips for the under layers and thinner strips for the top as this will make construction easier and try to use as little safety pins as you possibly can for authenticity. Use an extra-long piece of sheet to wrap around your head and tie it at the back and you’ll have yourself a mummy mask. Just be careful around the mouth area, you’ve got to have room to put your drink to your lips.

2 – Ghost

Mummifying yourself isn’t the only way to make use out of a big bed sheet, if you’re really last minute in your costume designing then a quick and easy ghost is definitely the way forward.

Of course the sheet is the most important aspect of this outfit, but there’s nothing worse than seeing a pair of jean and trainers poking out of the bottom of the floaty bed linen, it just looks, well, naff basically. For the underneath you need to wear either all black or all white, no green, no pink, no denim. Then you can drape the sheet over yourself. If you place the sheet inside-out when it is in the perfect position, ask a friend to draw around where the eye sockets should be, then you can cut them out evenly. Putting a belt around your waist will help keep the sheet in place and make sure you make two hole to put your arms through, you’ve got to be able to lift your drink after all.

If you’re a bit claustrophobic and don’t quite fancy walking around all night with a sheet over your head then cut out the head part and paint your face instead. Go for a ghostly white base and grey or black around the eyes, you’re supposed to look dead remember.

1 – Zombie

The good thing about dressing up as a zombie is the fact that you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as you cover it in fake blood and make it look like you’ve been involved in some sort of fight.

In terms of appearance you basically have to look a mess. Your hair, if you have any, should be all over the place and your face should be ghastly pale and splattered with blood. As for clothes you can either go for a theme or make some of your regular clothes really tatty, it all depends on your cash flow really.

You can be anything from a zombie cheerleader, school kid, bride and groom or even better, a zombie student. Make sure you wear something that you choose something that you’re not afraid to ruin as you’ll need to put rips in whatever you choose to wear and make you outfit slightly dirty (like you’ve been rolling around the floor fighting with another zombie) and if you feel it necessary spray your hair with one of those wash out colour sprays and make it black and white.

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