"You are part of one huge family" ̶ living at Vita Student

"You are part of one huge family"  ̶   living at Vita Student

As part of his coursework, Tom Cavilla from Vita Student Liverpool explains what it's like living at Vita Student - and how you will "make friends that will last you a lifetime"...

Living at Vita Student is truly a unique experience.

You get the best of both worlds of socialising, but also private space. With each person allocated their own room (you can also choose to stay with a partner), you have your own space to chill out. However, you can also get downstairs to the action packed social hub area!  A movie and games room, study room, kitchen area, pool table, table tennis, and a seating area, it is the perfect location to get to know your fellow students.

“Won’t it get boring seeing the same people all the time?” No! Whenever you go down there is an array of people that you are likely to not have met before. Each time you venture to the Hub, you tend to meet or see someone new.

There is a real diverse mix of residents staying at Vita Student. Chinese, Ecuadorian, Libyan, German, Venezuelan, Irish, Turkish, Greek, Indian- you name it! You meet a variety of people of all different ages from 18 right up to 30.

You are part of one huge family, interacting with each other, meeting people from all walks of life. Vita Student connects fellow students by hosting events frequently, which cover for all nationalities, e.g Diwali and Chinese New Year, which generates a community spirit. This is a real luxury in itself, as you become a globetrotter within your own living residence, meeting some fascinating people.

In addition to all the features included in your package, there is 20% off at various places in the city, exclusive to Vita Student residents. Krispy Kreme, The Courtroom Café, Delkery, American Pizza Slice, Busaba and Casa Italia are some of the places available for the Vita Student VIP discount.

Events are another prominent feature of life at Vita Student. From FIFA tournaments, pizza parties, movie evenings, to; meet and greets upon arrival, parties, and city bike tours. It is the perfect chance to meet new people as you find the people who hold similar interests to you.  If you want to be a part of the social branch, get yourself down to the Hub on a Friday night!  Music sounding, drinks flowing, and people chatting.

The place comes alive.

With helpful, efficient, and active staff on-hand 24/7, that go the extra mile, if you ever have an issue, just ask for help. Student life can be a challenge, however, with the help and advice available on site, your issues will be healed.

You will have to make some tough decisions of your own though. Do you choose to go for a long-haul run outdoors, or clock up a few miles on the on-site gym? Do you go to watch the new Jack Reacher movie at the local cinema, or watch a DVD with some friends in the fancy movie room downstairs?

When I asked students what the best thing about living here is, one Norwegian student said “simply, the people”, an Indian resident said “the events”, and a German student stated, “the Hub area”.  It is evident there is a mix of what people prefer, but one thing remains similar; everyone is connected.

At Vita Student, you make friends that will last you a lifetime, engage with people you would never have dreamt of meeting, and broaden your knowledge and understanding of different people’s lifestyles and beliefs.

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