Covid Booking Guarantee

Please be aware the Covid Booking Guarantee has now expired - this page has been archived for reference only.

Our 4 point promise to you

We want you to know that whilst there may be uncertainty around your university course scheduling, study visas and/or travel arrangements to the UK, you can be certain that your accommodation is taken care of.

In these unusual times we’ve created the Covid Booking Guarantee for all students who have entered into a Licence Agreement starting in September 2020 and who pay their Licence Fees this month, and for all new bookings made on or before 30 September 2020.

This means you can secure a room booking now at the UK’s best student accommodation experience with complete confidence as you can cancel your accommodation with us with no further obligation should any of the following happen before you move in with us*:


No Visa

You have been denied a Visa, or your country's visa office is closed/unable to process your visa in time


No Place

You have not secured a confirmed place of study in the UK for the upcoming academic year


No Travel

You are unable to travel to the UK in time for your course to begin because of any government-imposed travel bans in the UK or in your home country


No Course

Your course has been cancelled altogether, or you have been notified that all course content will be delivered online

Proof of the reason for cancelling your accommodation required in each and all cases.
Terms and Conditions** apply.

Personal message from Max Bielby, Managing Director of Vita Student.

Don’t let Covid 19 stop you from Beginning Big in 2020.

If you have an existing booking with us and would like to understand how this affects you, or if you would like to make a booking, please contact us for remaining availability.

**Terms and Conditions

  1. This Covid Booking Guarantee applies to all existing bookings and any new bookings made on or before 30 September 2020. Vita Student Management reserve the right to withdraw or extend the availability of this policy at its absolute discretion at any time. In the event that the policy is withdrawn, any cancellation requests received before the withdrawal date with valid reasons in accordance with these terms and conditions will still be honoured.
  2. If you wish to cancel your booking under this Covid Booking Guarantee you should contact us on +44 (0)161 709 7808 or at within 48 hours’ notice of you becoming aware of the reason for your need to cancel. We will ask you to provide written evidence of the reason(s) for your cancellation.
  3. Where the reason for cancellation is because of the ‘No Course’ option above, cancellation requests can ONLY be accepted if your study provider has either cancelled your course or changed the course to be taught entirely online, NOT where you have elected to study by correspondence rather than in person or chosen a later commencement date voluntarily.
  4. A cancellation under this Covid Booking Guarantee will terminate your booking and licence agreement with us. We will provide you with a full refund (usually within 30 days of date of cancellation) of all sums that you have paid to us for any booking, and you will have no further liability or obligation in relation to that booking.
  5. The enhanced rights set out in the cancellation pledge will no longer apply to you once you have checked into your accommodation.
  6. This Covid Booking Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, nor any other terms and conditions of any booking or Licence Agreement that you may already have with us.