Our Equality Stance

Equality at Vita Student

Vita Student is proud to be a multi-cultural community; we value diversity and are determined to ensure that the opportunities we provide are open to all staff and students. Developing relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is intrinsic to our business, therefore equality and diversity strongly underpins Vita Student’s vision and corporate strategy. Without recognition and valuing of diversity, there can be no equality of opportunity.

Read on to find out more about the difference between equal opportunity and diversity, and the seven areas Vita Student focuses on.

Equality of opportunity is about treating people fairly and without bias. It’s about creating conditions in the workplace and wider society that encourage diversity and promote dignity. Equality of opportunity redresses past imbalances and ensures dealings with our customers and suppliers are conducted in a constructive way, one that supports appropriate inclusion and does not give rise to unjustified discrimination.

Diversity is concerned with creating an inclusive environment and practices which benefit the organisation and those who work and live within it. It takes account of the fact that people differ from one another in many ways. Understanding, valuing and effectively managing these differences can result in greater participation that can be leveraged for success at an individual, team and organisational level.

When we talk about equal opportunity and diversity, we focus on seven main areas:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender (which includes transgender)
  • Religion/Belief and culture
  • Sexual orientation
  • Work-life balance

At Vita Student we fully support the development of a culture where we maximise the potential of all our students and employees. We have developed a number of policies to promote equality and diversity and we use a range of tools to monitor and evaluate our progress in this respect. We believe the best way to manage equal opportunity and diversity is to ensure that they are built into all processes, functions and customer services. They should be considered in the making of all policy decisions, and present in the planning of all programmes of activity for staff and students from start to finish. In doing so we are mainstreaming equality and diversity principles and practices. You can see examples of this in action in all of our buildings, across our website and on our social media channels.