We celebrate those who strive, who achieve, who push further.

Set your life up with exclusive opportunities

The biggest and brightest names from academia and industry recognise the talent at Vita Student. They’ll come to our residences to talk to you.

Celebrate with friends at unforgettable events

Work hard, play hard – no university experience is complete without unforgettable parties. You’ll live for the moments.

Feel the support of the 24/7 service

Focus on making a difference. We’ll handle the distractions. Some of the friendliest faces you’ll ever meet will make a big fuss over even your littlest concerns. We’ve won some pretty big awards for it.

Make life easy surrounded by the best facilities

Enjoy some big square footage: Movie rooms, fully equipped gyms, collaborative study spaces, breakfast bars, and games rooms.

Start your Vita Student Experience

Capital and culture

University years at Vita Student set you up for life. Leave with a packed CV. Stay and work with us. Find graduate opportunities in our careers hub. Check-in every year and see old familiar faces and new thinking.

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