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Explore with Vita Student: Things to do in Glasgow

Chloe Sweet
14.02.20 – 03 Mins Read
Orange pot of tea and slice of cake.

Vita Student Glasgow, in the heart of the city.

Vita have sussed out the hot spots, tried and tested the food and drink and have the recommendations ready for you. Come and explore your new home with our city guide videos, curated exclusively for you to make you feel like a local in no time.

The West End.

The west of Glasgow is a place full of distinctive character and is now one of the trendiest places to visit. Finniestone, voted one of the top 10 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe, is an absolute dream for restaurants and food which makes choosing one pretty darn tricky. You’ve got plenty of green space to explore on those nicer days (they happen!) with parks like Kelvingrove Bandstand now home to open air mini festivals throughout summer. One of our all-time favourite gems of the West End is Byres Road and the Lanes. A bustling street with fairy lit charm, there is something for everyone. Fancy a beer in a cosy, outside area? Brel Bar is great for a chilled one with your mates and the fire pit helps on those chilly Scottish nights.


In the heart of the West End, Hillhead is worth an exploration too. Want a venue to settle in all day and party in all night? Hillhead Bookclub is the ideal place. With afternoon tea and food by day, it turns into a live music venue and club come nightfall. Activities more your thing? They also have ping pong and retro arcade games to keep you occupied.


‘Glasgow Style’ wasn’t just a thing coined by Mackintosh for no reason. One day in Glasgow and it’s clear to see it’s a stunning city full of amazing architecture. Want something to do that won’t break the bank? A simple walk around the city is something that could occupy you for hours and won’t cost a thing. The Royal Exchange Square is one to add to the must-do list and

The Mitchell Library is hard to miss at night when its domes are lit up for all to see. The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens is a lovely park area with an impressive dome worth a peek inside.

Art and Culture in Glasgow

Glasgow’s art and culture scene pulsates with energy, making it a dynamic hub for enthusiasts and creative minds alike. The city is renowned for its world-class institutions, such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, housing a diverse collection that spans centuries and continents. Street art adorns the city’s walls, with the Mural Trail in the Barras offering a vibrant outdoor gallery showcasing local and international artists. 

Live performances thrive in Glasgow, with iconic venues like the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall hosting an array of events, from classical concerts to cutting-edge performances. The Tron Theatre and the Citizens Theatre contribute to the city’s theatrical richness, ensuring there’s always a stage alive with captivating stories.

In Glasgow, art is not confined to galleries; it spills onto the streets, stages, and hearts of its people, creating a cultural tapestry that reflects the city’s creative spirit.

Student Nightlife in Glasgow

Glasgow’s student nightlife isn’t just about music and drinks; it’s a social experience, a melting pot of cultures, and a vibrant expression of the city’s youthful spirit. Whether it’s exploring the West End’s cosy pubs, dancing the night away on Sauchiehall Street, or discovering hidden gems in the city’s nooks, Glasgow offers a nightlife adventure that leaves a lasting imprint on every student’s experience.

In every corner, Glasgow invites both residents and visitors to immerse themselves in a cultural journey that is as dynamic as it is unforgettable. Whether it’s the buzzing student nightlife, the thriving arts, or the welcoming cafes, Glasgow stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity that defines this remarkable city.

There’s plenty to explore on the doorstep of Vita Student Glasgow, and this list only scratches the surface. Make sure to go out and explore the city on your terms as well.

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