Student Accommodation
in London

This iconic city needs no introduction.

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Why study in London?

The big smoke. A place that everybody dreams of living, and a place that everybody should experience. London is its own world. It has more to do and see than one person could ever manage. But hell, you’ll want to try.

The city’s voice is a tapestry woven from over 300 languages and is home to every community and culture you can imagine. It’s easy to find your people here and discover new parts of yourself in the process.

Moving to London might feel a little scary, like taking a glorious leap into the unknown. But living at Vita Student accommodation in London makes it that much simpler. Trust us on this, moving to the big city might just be the best decision you make.

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Living at Vita Student accommodation in London

Our student accommodation in London at Lewisham Exchange is perfectly situated in Zone 2, to give you access to all the excitement of London student living and quick access to university. We’re less than a minute’s walk from the train and DLR stations, in a well-lit and safe area.


Vita Student is for students that want it all. For students that want to live without limits.

With an all-inclusive service, living at Vita Student accommodation lifts some of the pressures from university life, allowing you to focus on your studies and your experience.

Our buildings are full of friendly faces from many different places. All here to make the most of their time at university. Whether you are creative or academic, Vita Student is the place to learn, thrive and make connections.

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“iconic, fast-paced and impossible to predict.”

The most iconic, fast-paced and impossible-to-predict city there is. Incredible diversity, paired with its long list of unmissable sights, sounds and activities, are just some of the many reasons to live in London.

Vita Student Lewisham Exchange is just 10 minutes from the centre of London, giving our students quick access to the city’s best spots.

Wave hello to Buckingham Palace, take a boat ride down the Thames, or explore Oxford Street’s shops – all equally easy if you’re living at Vita Student accommodation in London.

“perfectly situated for university.”

Closer to our building is Greenwich, Lewisham’s loveliest neighbour. Here you’ll find tons of fascinating history, delightful markets and wonderfully quirky museums. We’re close enough to the city that you’ll never miss out on the fun, yet still have plenty of open space to find quiet study spots.

You’ll live on the doorstep of some amazing food venues, like Lewisham’s Model Market, and have all your essential amenities and transport links within reach. But it’s not just the social life we’re in prime position for, we’re also perfectly situated for a number of top London universities.



Located close to our building in South-East London, Goldsmiths is at the heart of the London arts movement.

Goldsmiths is the home for creatives, and for anyone who wants a university with a reputation for artistic independence and free-thinking. It will take you around 15 minutes to get here from Vita Student London.

King’s College

Established in 1829, King’s College is a major research university and hosts around 27,000 students from 150 different countries.

The largest healthcare learning centre in Europe – central, exceptional, and cutting edge. Our building is 10-25 minutes away depending on your campus.

University College

Known as “London’s Global University”, UCL is the oldest and largest university in the city.

It has a history of producing pioneers, and with more than 400 degree programmes on offer, and an atmosphere of encouraging students to be as multi-disciplinary as possible, this isn’t surprising. Our building is just 25 minutes away from UCL.

University of
the Arts London

According to artist Grayson Perry, UAL is “the world’s biggest factory for making trouble”. UAL is home to 19,000+ creatives and mischief-makers, and has produced more than half of the winners of the Turner Prize, and more than half of the winners of the British Designer of the Year award.

A diverse, innovative, and wonderfully chaotic place to study. Only around 30 minutes away from our London student studio accommodation at Lewisham Exchange.

of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is, undeniably, one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world. Not only is the teaching incredibly high-quality, but classes are also taught on campuses filled with a rich history.

It also boasts an extremely high student satisfaction level, so you can be sure you’ll be looked after here. We’re situated under 10 minutes away from campus.


  1. What is there to do in London?

    Whatever you want to do, you can in London. Tick off all the tourist spots at Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and London Bridge. Get a culture fix at the Tate Modern, BFI Cinema, or the Saatchi Art Gallery. Watch the sun set on Hyde Park. Watch the sun rise on the Southbank. Eat and drink to your heart’s content and discover all of London’s hidden secrets. This city bubbles with culture, and it guarantees that you’ll never get bored.

    Check out more things to do in London over on our blog.

  2. Where is best to visit to learn about London’s history?

    London has so much history, that the city has an entire museum dedicated to showcasing it. The Museum of London is located near Barbican station, and exhibits London’s timeline, all the way from prehistoric days to present. However, one of the best ways to learn about London is by walking through it. At every turn, there’s a piece of history – London Bridge, The Monument, Westminster Abbey and of course, Big Ben, to name just a few. If you want a guided tour around some of London’s historic buildings, get tickets to go to the Tower of London or Kensington Palace.

  3. What music venues are in London?

    London’s music scene is on another level. Bands and artists across the world strive to play for crowds here, and there’s hundreds of live music performances every night of the week. Arguably the most famous music venue in the world, the O2 Arena, is just 15 minutes from Vita Student London. The likes of Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish have graced these stages, with truly unforgettable performances. The beauty of London is that you can have it all, though. If you’re searching for a more intimate venue, head to the famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in Soho, or go to Moth Club in Hackney.

  4. What is the best way to travel around London?

    The best way to travel around London is using public transport like the tube, DLR, train or bus. The city’s comprehensive transport system makes getting around quick and easy. In the summer, exploring London by foot is the best way to get the most of out the city.

  5. Where is the best place to shop in London?

    London is made for shopaholics. In every borough, there are hundreds of shops waiting to be browsed. Thrift vintage pieces on Brick Lane. Splash on luxury designer items in Knightsbridge, visiting the iconic Harrods store. Stroll down Oxford Road for flagship High Street shops, and Covent Garden for quaint boutiques. London has everything a fashion lover could want, and more.

  6. Are there any outdoor spaces in London?

    Despite being one of the biggest cities in Europe, London is the greenest. There are over 3000 parks in London, meaning you can easily access beautiful outdoor spaces living here. In just 15 minutes, you can get from Vita Student London to Greenwich Park, sit on the grassy hill and watch the sun set over Canary Wharf. Closer into the city’s centre is St James Park. Despite being located in the busy borough of Westminster, St James Park has hectares of green space and a lake, giving you an escape from the bustle of the city.

  7. Where do students live in London?

    Students in London live across the city. Finding a place to live depends on where you go to university. If you go to Goldsmiths, Kings College London, UCL, UAL or University of Greenwich, you’ll want to live in the south-east in order to have a quick and easy commute into university. Vita Student London is situated in Lewisham, where you can easily access all of these campuses

  8. What’s the sense of community like in London?

    Although it may be daunting to live in a city with so many people, London is an inclusive, supportive city that welcomes all. If you’re looking to build your community in London, just get talking to people, join clubs and societies related to your interests, and you’ll quickly find a group of friends to take on this exciting city with.

  9. Where are the best places for food and drink in London?

    Finding incredible food and drink spots in London is as easy as walking out the door. The list is truly never-ending. A good place to start, however, is Camden Market. This famous market is full of street vendors, serving up creative dishes from different cuisines, and is a great place to go with a group of friends. For something fancier, make sure you go to Hakkasan in Mayfair. Hakkasan serves incredible Michelin star Cantonese food that will undoubtedly top your list of best restaurants in London. For casual beers and food, try Homeslice City, Borough Market, or Flat Iron Square near London Bridge.

    Check out our favourite cafes in Lewisham over on our blog.

  10. Can I see my student accommodation before I move in?

    When you book a room at Vita Student, you can enjoy early access to all your new building’s communal spaces before you move in. Discover your new study spot and save on your gym membership by securing your space today.

  11. What happens after I book my student accommodation?

    When you book at Vita Student, a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. So if you have any questions about your booking, don’t worry – our customer engagement team will support you every step of your journey with us, from booking until the end of your stay at Vita Student.

  12. What age do I need to be to live with Vita Student?

    You need to be 17+ to live at Vita Student, and a full-time university student in the UK or Barcelona.

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