Manchester’s Mason Collective talk to Vita Student

Alexandra Greenhalgh
11.02.20 – 02 Mins Read

Mason Collective talks about being the face of Footasylum’s latest campaign with Adidas.

Back in June we caught up with Manchester DJing and party-throwing trio Mason Collective, to ask them about the challenges they’ve faced, highlights they’ve experienced, and how you can kick-start your future.

After a whirlwind summer playing both in Ibiza and across the festival circuit, we once again sat down with the guys, this time to ask them about their upcoming collaboration with Adidas. No, turns out Mason aren’t just known for their original sounds in the world of house and techno but also for their signature style.

So, tell us your story. How did you come to be Mason Collective?

We’ve known each other since high school. We all grew up with a love of music and came onto the scene roughly around the same time. Omar and Blair came up with the idea to launch MVSON one night at Sankeys in Manchester and we naturally linked up to see it through. We knew we had very similar tastes in music and a good understanding of how each other play so we decided to play as a three at MVSON. It worked so well we decided to start playing under Mason Collective.

Did you always plan on making music your career, because I know you Blair studied economics at university, that’s very different to what you are doing now! Was music just a pipe dream at that point?

To be honest it was always in our heads. We all came from a musical background and have been DJing for over a decade so we’ve always wanted to do music. We just had to wait for the right time to fully dedicate ourselves to it.

Based on your own university experiences what advice do you have for students?

The best advice is to keep on top of your work and manage your time properly. We were doing a lot with MVSON and holding down jobs while we were in uni so we had to stay organised to make sure things got done properly.

What’s it like to be the face of a nationwide campaign for global brands like FootAsylum and Adidas?

It’s still pretty surreal. A few years back Blair used to work in Adidas, so to go from that to this is a crazy transition! It’s so sick to get this kind of recognition for what we’ve been doing in the city over the years.  It’s just motivation to go even harder in the new year.

What’s up next for you guys?

We’ve just dropped a remix for MK’s ‘Back & Forth’ which is available now on all platforms. We’re back in the studio over the Christmas period tying up our releases for the beginning of 2019 so keep it locked!