A Guide To Positivity During Self-Isolation

Chloe Sweet
29.04.20 – 03 Mins Read

Support and advice plus a collection of free online resources from our Life Coach Sue to boost postivity levels during quarantine…

SMILE. A smile can make someone’s day and change yours

Be Proactive: Don’t wait. Until you feel motivated to do something. Do something now which you know will make a difference to your wellbeing or for others.

Fall in love with yourself. Know your worth. Write a list of your strengths and skills, vision, talents or interests, passions and values. Celebrate being you!

Stay cool and calm: Take deep breaths. Relax calmly. Be mindful. Do tasks which require focus and concentration. Meditate if that’s helpful.

Have a purpose. Create meaning to your day so that you feel proud of what you have achieved. Write it down too. Keep a journal or diary to record successes.

Focus on the good : Make a note daily of #3goodthings. Write them on my forum or in your diary, notebook, phone, tablet or journal. Share and smile.

Change your thoughts. Positive or negative. It’s a choice. Yes! Choose hope, optimism, joy, acceptance and calm versus despair, pessimism, fear and angst.

Believe that you are enough. You are . Always. Who says otherwise? You? Why? Go back a few steps, fall in love with yourself.

Choose to embrace life. What can you do in current times? Focus on this rather than what you can’t. Puts things into a better perspective for sure. Embrace the change, embrace the time. Or space. Connect and engage with who you can. Even yourself.

Be bold and courageous. Summon your inner strength. Put on your armour.

Limit your complaints. Stop moaning. Yep. You’ll definitely feel better. As will the others around you.

Watch your words. I can, I will, yes, let’s hope…. and more.

Have fun. Remember there are many ways to have fun during these uncertain times. It’s certainly different, but keep doing the things you enjoy, whether it’s art, working out, connecting with friends, do it… A LOT! Remember what you love to do and ADAPT in current times. Accept rather than despair .

Be curious. What new things could you explore? Or learn? Or read, watch, listen? What does the current time give you in terms of space and opportunity?

Connect with those who are focusing on the good . Call or chat online. Feel the different energy. And share some to others. And smile. Back to point 1.

Be courageous and believe in yourself. You can get through this. You can. And you will.

Keep up your enthusiasm. With meaning and purpose, energy and focus you’ll create momentum.

Stop watching the news. Yes. Or limit your news intake to just once a day. How much information do you need for your wellbeing? For me, I need to know figures and government and medical information so I watch the 5pm briefings. That’s enough. And the 1pm Scottish briefings and I follow the BSL signing interpretations.

Delete unhelpful social media channels. Covid19 is everywhere. We are losing a sense of everything else. Choose to follow or read wisely. Take a break. Limit your online usage.

Be grateful. Look at what you have. What’s working. Being thankful. #3goodthings.

Avoid mindless being, and doing. Don’t get into ‘nothingness’. Or boredom. Focus and channel your energy into meaning, purpose, action, fun, joy, thankfulness.




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Sue is a well-established and accredited Glasgow based life and career coach. She works with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve positive change in whatever aspect of life they desire.

People are her passion and are at the very heart of her coaching and conversations.

Sue is a corporate trainer, tutor at the University of Strathclyde and she contributes regularly to the media – radio channels, newspapers and magazines, providing a life coaching perspective on a wide variety of topics.

Sue is available for coaching in current times via telephone, email, Skype and Zoom. Get in touch at sue@lifecoachingsolutions.co.uk, on  07597 107812 or visit her  website .

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