Rainbows: Creativity In Quarantine

Chloe Sweet
30.04.20 – 02 Mins Read

Creative activities to show how “rainbows” can help you create a positive and hopeful mindset during quarantine…

Our Life Coach, Sue has created these activities for Vita Students, using the concept of a rainbow as a foundation for focusing on creating a positive and hopeful mindset…

Let’s allow rainbows to motivate us during dark times.

Activity 1: Colours of the Rainbow

Today I was thinking about rainbows as a sign of colourful hope amidst changed times. Historically too, rainbows are used as a symbol of peace and hopefulness as they often appear when the sun follows after heavy rainfall. They serve to remind us that there is hope and light to follow even after a dark time. Let’s use rainbows as a focus for ourselves and our emotional wellbeing in the days ahead.

It’s time to create a positive and hopeful mindset using this metaphor:…

Think about the colours of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet .

Could you think of some lovely things for each of the colours?

Things which make you smile, feel happy and joyful and connect with what you love.

I’ve chosen, yellow :

Sunshine, beaches, daffodils, crocuses, buttercups, cheese, bananas, lemons, melons and NYC taxis. I love all of these and in thinking of them, make me feel good.

So, how about you?

Choose a colour or all, and create a list or colourful collage of your favourite things.

Alternatively, choose pleasant, feel-good words starting with the same letter as the initials on the rainbow.

This time, I’ve chosen O :

Optimism, others, opportunities, openness, outstanding, Olympics, open-hearted, optimal, orangutans, oranges.


Activity 2: Letters of the Rainbow

Create a helpful mnemonic, for fun even, using the letters of the rainbow to devise a good phrase: R A I N B O W.

To get you started, here are some of my thoughts:

R elationships A nd I nteractions N ow B ecome O ur W orld

R espect the Laws A bout staying I ndoors N HS and support from B oris will help us O vercome our W orst days

R eading, revising and staying at home. A ll outdoor activities mainly are gone. I sn’t it strange how soon life has changed. N ot normal but different in so many ways. Bu t just like the rainbow so fast after rain. O pen skies and bright days will soon come again. W e must stay at home the message is true. S tay safe and well is the best thing to do.

Have a go for yourself! I would love to see your ideas…


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Sue is a well-established and accredited Glasgow based life and career coach. She works with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve positive change in whatever aspect of life they desire. People are her passion and are at the very heart of her coaching and conversations. Sue is a corporate trainer, tutor at the University of Strathclyde and she contributes regularly to the media – radio channels, newspapers and magazines, providing a life coaching perspective on a wide variety of topics.

Sue is available for coaching in current times via telephone, email, Skype and Zoom. Get in touch at sue@lifecoachingsolutions.co.uk, on  07597 107812 or visit her  website.

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