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Life in Vita Newcastle

Chloe Sweet
06.04.20 – 02 Mins Read

Our Student’s Story

Don’t listen to us when we talk about how much Vita Student do for our students. Listen to our genuine residents about their time living with us. Here we spoke to Mahmood who lives in our Newcastle Westgate building. Mahmood spends his time away from uni working on his freelance video editing business so we spoke to him about balancing his business with his full-time studies and why he enjoys living at Vita Student.

Hi Everyone,

Vita Student is a very friendly environment and I love living here. Since moving in, I’ve made a lot of new friends, perhaps way too many friends! I never had an issue with meeting new people since I’m a content creator and I consider myself to be very sociable. The events schedule makes it easy too.

I heard about Vita before I even moved in as it’s very popular in the city of Newcastle. I love the Westgate Road Vita and after viewing, decided it was definitely the best one for me. It has a lot of character in it and amazing social spaces, not to mention the staff. They always make sure we’re safe and they’re super cool with us. Basically the staff in Westgate Road are EVERYTHING.

What I like most about Vita Student is they’re always bringing us new ideas for events and activities so it never gets boring. The Roller Disco Party was something out of this planet. It gave me flashbacks of Old R&B music which I really like. It had a flashy environment and I couldn’t help but grab my camera and make this video.

Life in Vita Newcastle, a student’s perspective

I picked up my camera out of boredom about 7 years ago and fell in love with making videos. I like how I can tell stories to people, just like how people read books. It became my profession 3 years ago when I decided to freelance with this job. I met my best-friend (the model in the video) 2 years ago when we started working together. We set up a YouTube channel and Instagram account to promote our videos and showcase our work. We collaborate with other businesses that require our help in promoting themselves via visual video. We love what we do and therefore we have fun by making funny videos on YouTube and music videos on Instagram, it doesn’t seem like work.

My advice for content creators in universities is to keep pursuing what you enjoy and pushing to achieve what you want. I fell for videography due to many reasons. The main one being my love for the people I work with. They’re as ambitious as I am and we all work together to create and release videos for our channels each time. I love story telling so when it comes to editing, I usually sit alone in my room silently for a long time before it goes live. I then release it to the internet and I feel everyone then communicates with me through the comments and by enjoying the videos I release which is a really amazing feeling. 

Mahmood AlHashimi