5 essential items that every student needs for university

5 essential items that every student needs for university

Before your first lecture, before your first drink at Freshers’ Week, even before you’ve unpacked your case – there are some items that are a must for any student going to university. At Vita Student we know these important items can be forgotten, so we’ve made you a handy list to help you.

Clean bedding

It’s the simple comforts that matter when you’re so far from home. You don’t want to spend hours travelling and find that, not only do you have to make your own bed, but you have to provide your own sheets too!

If you’re staying in university halls, you should expect to bring your own bedding and to make your bed when you arrive. Some purpose-built student accommodation provides you with a ready-made bed for when you arrive (such as Vita Student!). If you’re not sure what your accommodation provides, call them and confirm – you don’t want to waste valuable space on something you don’t need.


It may take up some space in your room, but your own personal printer could make the difference between a lazy lie-in or an early morning rush to university. With a printer in your room, you won’t have to navigate the university library at peak hours to print out your coursework. You may even find that some university libraries charge for using the onsite printer, so you may save yourself some money long-term.

If you’re travelling from abroad, our tip is to order a printer in your destination country so you don’t have to pay extra to transport your one from home.

Kitchen utensils

Most standard university halls won’t provide you with any kitchen utensils, so you need to remember to pack everything you may possibly use to cook meals. We’re talking everything from a frying pan to a potato peeler. It’s more common that premium student accommodation will provide you with the basics. At Vita Student you’ll find everything you need ready and waiting for you to start cooking.

Vita Student’s tip – only pack enough cutlery and utensils for two people. So two mugs, two pans, two bowls. This way your washing up won’t have the chance to pile up, but you can still cook a friend some delicious dinner.

Cleaning products

You could be lucky and have a cleaning service in your student accommodation, but it definitely doesn’t come as standard. If you discuss with your fellow students if they would mind splitting the cost of hiring an external cleaning service, you might be able to avoid doing it yourself. The best way to ensure your room will be kept clean is to choose a student accommodation that includes the service in the cost.

If not, make sure you bring the basics for every room. We’re talking general kitchen and bathroom cleaning products as essential, with additional extras such as dusters and dustpan and brush. All things considered, you may prefer choosing an accommodation that has a price inclusive of cleaning to save you both time and money.

Contents insurance

You probably haven’t even considered this – but it’s an important one. Don’t risk going to university without it, as one in three university students are victims of crime each year. Make sure that your student contents insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, storm, flood and burst pipes. Better safe than sorry, which is why Vita Student include it in the cost of every studio.

Before you start searching for the best contents insurance deal, make sure that your student accommodation doesn’t already include it within the price. Most university halls don’t include contents insurance, though some may include partial cover. You will have to read the small print to make sure it covers everything you need, if not, buy your own cover at an additional cost.

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