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Immerse Yourself in Liverpool’s Culture: Fun Things for Students to Do

Scarlet Bringuenti
20.09.22 – 04 Mins Read

Looking to soak up Liverpool’s culture and wondering about fun things for students to do in Liverpool? From art galleries to the city’s best nightlife, discover where you can make the most of this buzzing city that embodies the essence of ‘Liverpool culture.’

Liverpool is a place that encompasses and celebrates the best of British culture. With loads of museums, nightlife, The Beatles’ history and amazing art, this city is a must-visit location.

Immerse in Liverpool’s Free Cultural Delights

Liverpool offers an abundance of enriching experiences that won’t dent your wallet. As a student, take advantage of these free activities, immersing yourself in the soul of the city. We recommend that you take full advantage of these free things to do in Liverpool as a student and here are some of the highlights:

One fantastic place to visit is Tate Liverpool, which is one of the four Tate galleries located around the UK. Their exhibitions are constantly changing and are mostly free, and at the moment have a great new display called “Journeys Through the Tate Collection”. It explores the themes of migration, colonialism, and international exchange and how they are relevant to the history of Liverpool. Tate Liverpool also provides free daily tours at 11.30 and 14.15 and is packed with fascinating insights for each exhibition from the gallery’s fantastic engagement officers, who are super passionate and well-informed.

Another free thing to do in Liverpool is to visit the International Slavery Museum, which is located inside the Maritime Museum building. This necessary and important Liverpool museum explores life for the people of Africa before, during and after slavery. Open now until the 30th of October this year, we recommend that you visit Jupiter’s Song, which is a creative intervention that delves into the perspectives and experiences inspired by the Earle Collection of documents at the International Slavery Museum.

If you’re interested in more exhibitions this winter, visit the National Liverpool Museum website to see what’s on.

A final freebie cultural haven we recommend that you visit is the Open Eye Gallery. This Liverpool art gallery is reinventing what it means to be a gallery in the modern day. With other features such as publications, festivals and even university courses, the Open Eye takes risks to spark inspiration and crucial conversation. Currently, the fantastic ‘An Ecology of Care’ exhibition is on until 30th October, which brings together a series of socially engaged projects reflecting the intimate stories of care, relationships and resilience within our community. We then recommend that you keep an eye out on their website for upcoming exhibitions as this Liverpool art gallery never fails to come up with new and exciting concepts.

Dive into The Beatles Legacy

No exploration of Liverpool’s culture is complete without delving into The Beatles’ rich legacy. Liverpool is responsible for birthing perhaps one of the world’s most influential bands the planet has ever known – The Beatles. If you are a fan of them already or want to get a better knowledge of how they have been such an integral part of modern music, then please follow our recommendations to get the best out of The Beatles’ story.

It will come as no surprise that the first place we recommend you go is the Beatles Story Museum, located at Albert Dock in Liverpool. Since opening in May 1990, this museum gives magical self-guided tours about the journey of four young Scouse lads who grew to meteoric fame in the 60s. The Beatles Story Museum includes replications of key locations and moments from the band’s career, authentic memorabilia and multimedia guides, which are available in 12 languages. For only £18 as an adult, it is a no-brainer that you get yourself down to the museum and gain a new appreciation for The Beatles’ story.

The Cavern Club is not only an institution that raised and moulded The Beatles, but did, the same for British music progression as an entity. The doors were opened in January 1957 with the vision of it becoming the best jazz venue outside of London and with that crammed 600 fans into the establishment on its first night. The success of the club never stopped after opening night, and in 1961, The Beatles had their first-ever performance, and from then on became the place where their musical identity was forged. Many of their fans maintain the band was its best when performing at this club. The Cavern Club’s history goes way beyond this short description we have given you, so make sure to get down yourself and experience the importance of this establishment for not just The Beatles, but British music as a whole.

Experience Liverpool’s Vibrant Nightlife

A very important part of Liverpudlian culture is its buzzing nightlife that you cannot find or compare to anything else you have experienced. The Scouse really know how to have a good time and are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. So with that, here are a few places we know will leave you convinced.

One spot you should go to is the versatile warehouse Camp and Furnace. With club nights, food festivals and live music events, to exhibitions, installations and corporate functions, this space always has something exciting and different to offer most weeks. The space itself is true to the original architecture and aims to bring a sense of community to Liverpool’s nightlife.

We wouldn’t be able to talk about Liverpool’s student nightlife without mentioning LEVEL. Every Wednesday night, this club boasts six rooms playing a variety of music that are bound to get you moving. Especially during first year, loads of Liverpool students head here for a mid-week boogie so make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

Lastly, is EAT ME. This is a fabulous Liverpool drag cabaret club which combines amazing performances to create one of the most eye-catching and distinctive nights in the city. Birthed in 2017, it has since grown to be one of the most popular LGBT-friendly spaces and represents big talents, including Ginny Lemon who featured on Drag Race UK, Season 3. There is no shortage of good times, mind-blowing performances and great food here, so we recommend that you go as soon as you can and have a guaranteed good night out.

What’s the craic then, kid?

Liverpudlians are a proud type of person and want to show off all their city has to offer. It is rich with culture and musical prowess that is untouched by any other city thanks to The Beatles.

Beyond The Beatles, Liverpool boasts a proud cultural heritage that demands exploration. Discover the hidden treasures of Liverpool with our guide, and embrace the spirit of this bustling Scouse land. Let this guide be your starting point, but don’t hesitate to forge your own path and unearth the hidden gems that make Liverpool an unparalleled cultural hub.