Making Friends at Vita Student: A resident’s experience

Jnnat Khan
23.12.23 – 02 Mins Read

A guest blog from our resident Jnnat.

When I first arrived at Vita Student, I had no idea just how much it would change my life. The experience of living in Vita Student accommodation has been nothing short of extraordinary, and one of the most remarkable aspects has been the opportunity to forge friendships with people from all corners of the world. In this blog post, I’m excited to share my personal journey of making friends at Vita Student, exploring the diverse culture, celebrating Indian events, and discovering new ways to build lasting friendships.

Diverse Culture

Vita Student is truly a global melting pot. The moment I stepped into the vibrant community, I was surrounded by students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It’s incredible how people from all over the world come together under one roof, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences. This cultural diversity made me feel like I was a part of something much bigger than myself.

Meeting Fellow Indians

One of the first things I noticed at Vita Student was the presence of many Indian students. Being an Indian myself, I instantly felt a sense of connection and camaraderie. It was heart-warming to see familiar faces and hear familiar accents. This made the transition to a new place much easier, knowing that I had fellow Indians to share my experiences with.

Trending Events at Vita Student

One of the key reasons Vita Student stands out is the array of events and activities they organize. These events play a crucial role in bringing students from all backgrounds together. Whether it’s cultural nights, game nights, or workshops, there’s always something exciting happening. These events are not just about having fun; they’re also about creating opportunities to meet new people and make friends.

Celebrating Festivals

What truly touched my heart was the way Vita Student celebrated Indian festivals. Diwali, Holi, Eid – you name it, and they celebrated it with enthusiasm and authenticity. These celebrations allowed me to share my cultural heritage with my friends from different parts of the world, and in return, I got to learn about their traditions as well. It was a beautiful exchange of cultures that brought us all closer.

One unforgettable memory was when my friends and I organized a small Diwali celebration. We decorated our common area with fairy lights and rangoli, and I prepared some homemade Indian sweets. I invited my friends from other parts of the world to join us, and it was heart-warming to see their genuine interest and enthusiasm in participating. It was a Diwali like no other, filled with laughter, good food, and the warmth of friendship.

I genuinely have made a bunch of good friends at Vita Student due to the vibrancy of the place and how busy the whole building keeps you! As an international student, you don’t realise how far home is until you actually move to another country and have to start making friends from scratch. Luckily, I found my set of people that keep me sane and understand me like no other.