My Journey to Vita Student – Panayiotis from Cyprus

Chloe Sweet
12.11.20 – 02 Mins Read

Our students travel from all over the world to Vita Student and we asked them to document their journey for you.

We know there has been a lot of uncertainty recently regarding travel and coming to university however, we wanted to reassure you ALL that Vita Student is not only one of the safest places to be, but also is a home away from home where you get the full student experience, without compromise.

With new Covid-19 safety measures in place in all buildings as well as mental health and wellbeing support, we have everything sorted so you don’t need to worry about anything other than focusing on making the most of your university experience.

Don’t take our word for it though, we’ve created a series of stories from both new and returning Vita Student residents as well as some FAQ’s regarding life in the UK, quarantining on arrival (if applicable), travelling internationally and all things Vita Student!

Let’s see what our first Ambassador has to say.


First up is Panayiotis who was returning to Richmond House for another year from Cyprus so doesn’t need to quarantine.

“My name’s Pan and I’ve returned to Vita from Paphos in Cyprus. I felt really safe travelling as I was wearing a mask everywhere but also everyone else did as well which put me more at ease.

The staff helped me check in when I arrived and they were so kind. As this is my second year I already knew some of them and they are all amazing! I was super excited to be back in a new room this year and I am working on my decoration as well to make it feel more like home.

I always use the Vita App during my stay as it is so helpful to book rooms and contact the staff or see what events are going on. I’ve not attended any events yet as I’ve just moved back however, based on my personal experience from last year, they were all really fun, even during lockdown when they were all virtual!

Arriving in the UK and at Vita, I actually feel really safe. Seeing everyone taking the measures seriously has made me feel better and put my mind at ease. I have been out to shops and restaurants and it’s always been fine, I just make sure I’m familiar with the safety measures around the UK and have it in the back of my mind.

My experience was amazing! I am so excited to be back as it feels like home here. I finally met my friends from last year and also get to know more people already.


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