Career Month 2021 at Vita Student

Alexandra Greenhalgh
06.05.21 – 03 Mins Read

Big Talks, Graduate Advice and Styling For Interview Techniques.

Career Month 2021 saw us welcome back some of our favourite and most popular events to give all of our students some exclusive insight and advice from industry leaders. March’s theme was all about work experience, getting into business and graduate advice from our curated experts and below details more about our Career offering at Vita Student.

Debut Events

Vita Student Presents … Debut & QS talked careers and Masters programmes during and after the pandemic and how things changed.

The Covid pandemic caused a lot of students and graduates to pivot or re-think their careers. Why is that? It is a challenging time for a graduate jobseeker, going into a world of unknowns.

Businesses also had to adapt, some incredibly successfully and others not so much. This has changed the landscape of the job market both in terms of the volume and type of jobs available.

Debut & QS partnered up to talk about what kind of careers you can look for in this pandemic, and if you’re not ready and would rather continue studying, what higher education options are available to you.

We offered not only a useful seminar but also opened up the floor to a Q&A session after where our students could ask any questions they had about topics discussed.

FastFutures and BT

Vita Student Presents: Acing your job interview with FastFutures and BT.

Preparing for graduate interviews can be really difficult. There are so many people with similar resumes and skills that graduate every year, and given the pandemic, you can expect the market to be flooded with high performing talent.

So how do you make yourself stand out in this super competitive landscape?

Fast Futures came to speak about short courses and training programmes, as well as tips on preparing for job interviews during and after university. Confidence is key, and FastFutures spoke through some steps on how to present your best self during an interview. They were also joined by some learners on their training programmes, as well as a guest speaker from telecom giant BT.

Our Debut events are exclusive to Vita Student’s however during lockdown we do give other students the chance to join. Interested in getting involved? Keep your eyes on our social channels and you can get your free tickets to the next event, soon.

Influencer Series – Dressing To Impress

Instagram Influencer and Content Creator, Charlotte Buttrick, joined us to offer some advice to students regarding work experience, her own university insights and also some way to dress for interviews in different industry sectors.

Using knowledge gained from working within the fashion industry, she detailed how she went about getting experience, what she suggests in regards to dressing and also how she became a full-time Creator using experience gained from real jobs.

Read her full blog here.

Big Talks 2021

Big Talks. A series of once-in-a-lifetime events, connecting the student community with the biggest names in industry and the best brands in the world.

Big Talks returned this year, for its third instalment, the Brand Edition. Giving our students the amazing opportunity to connect with some of the worlds biggest industry leaders.

Our key note speaker, Huib Van Bockel and guest panellist Jeremy Schwartz gave our students an evening of inspiration and exclusive insights. FRom Huib’s roles as Founder of Tenzing, and Head of Marketing at Red Bull, and Jeremy as Director of Innovation at Coca-Cola and how he became the inventor of world wide brand, Coke Zero.

Want to know more, check out the videos from our speakers below, and read up on the full blog article here.