Start-up Tools

Alexandra Greenhalgh
30.03.20 – 01 Mins Read

All the tools you need to get your start-up business off the ground

Start Small. Begin Big.

Thinking about starting your own business whilst at university? Google started out as a university research paper and Facebook was created in a dorm room, and Dropbox was invented by a university student who could never remember his USB stick! Today, student entrepreneurs in the UK have a collective turnover of over £1 billion.

Sure, no great idea becomes a booming business overnight, but we’re here to get you started, with tips, advice, templates and resources to help turn your vision into a reality.

Tips & Advice

How to start a crowdfunding campaign

The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sponsorship & Visa Information

How can your university help?

International student? You can make a business case to your university to seek endorsement for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa and develop your business in the UK in conjunction with the university.

Remember! You must apply to switch to your Tier 1 visa BEFORE your Tier 4 visa expires.

Students generally have to wait until after graduation before they can apply for endorsement, but you can often register your interest with the university beforehand to set the wheels in motion.

For more information on endorsement and your Tier 1 visa application, stay tuned for our Visa Hub, coming soon…

For more info about coming up with your idea, problem solution & fit, and funding your start-up, check out our Vita Student Start-up Blog Series and our Funding Your Business support page.