Finding Happiness & The four p Approach to Living Your Best Life

Chloe Sweet
23.04.20 – 04 Mins Read

Life Coach Sue spills the T on finding ultimate happiness and introduces the 4P’s approach to a positive life…

Happiness.. and ways to find it

Happiness means different things to each of us. But happiness is vital for every single one of us. We deserve to feel happy a lot of the time. And especially in current times when perhaps our focus and mind are elsewhere.

If you don’t feel happy too much of the time my thoughts on ways to improve your feelings of happiness are below. Some will appeal and work for you more than others. Take two or three to try and then consider the results. Do they move you up your own happiness scale? Keep trying others. Do something daily. Particularly during these uncertain times.

Enjoy the moment. Try to forget worrying about things that have happened in the past or are on tomorrow’s agenda. Focus on the good things in the here and now. You’ll find them if you look.

Smile. It is true – a smile is contagious. Try it a few times a day and see the positive effect is has on others and your sense of well-being. Smile in your texts and online chats. Or when you are on your daily walk or outdoors. Smile at passers-by from a safe distance and feel the impact.

Get some fresh air. Just getting out can lift your mood – have a look at the things around you and appreciate nature. Going for a walk gives energy too. Take advantage of the daily exercise option.

Look after yourself. Good health and well-being are essential for happiness. Focus on the foundations of eating nutritiously, drinking enough water and taking some form of exercise daily. Your mood will be uplifted on an ongoing basis

Go and do something. Yes, don’t sit there and mope. Too much self-analysis and thought can be damaging if not focused constructively. Do something – anything! Get up and get ready, read a good book, learn something new, listen to cool music, take a walk – just ensure you do something if you are feeling low.

Say no. Don’t take on tasks or responsibilities which you feel you should but you don’t actually want to. You may be putting yourself under pressure in doing so. Instead, assertively explain your reason for declining.

Use your talents. If you have a gift or a talent, use it. Find pleasure in doing so and in sharing your skills with others. Create, enhance, connect and keep focused.

Exercise. Find something you enjoy doing and do it regularly. Plan it into your week and stick to it. Move it online or practice inside if you can. Check out our Virtual Vita Student events, with weekly classes from in-studio HIIT training to Yoga so you can boss your exercise regime from the comfort of your apartment!

Engage with your ‘buzz’ people. Set aside time – it doesn’t have to be much – to spend connected with the people who make you feel good, the people whose company you enjoy, and make the effort to chat and call regularly.

Listen to music. Enjoy spending time listening to music that gives you the ‘feel-good’ factor.

Compliment, praise and appreciate others. Make an effort to recognise something about someone every single day. You can do this from a distance too!

Tidy up. If your office, desk or areas at home need a tidy up and clear out, review how good you feel once this is done. Make space to think and to be.

Do things you enjoy. Yes, focus on you. Think about what you like to do and do it regularly, daily if you can: connecting with friends, going for a jog, eating a bar of chocolate, drawing, writing or listening to the radio. Whatever it is, ensure you do it! There’s lots you can still do.

Make a ‘To Do’ list. Write down everything that needs done, personally and professionally. Enjoy the success in being able to cross off each thing, one by one. Continually update and monitor your list and recognise the progress you are making. Small steps help.

Arrange something special . If you enjoy a nice meal out, a trip to the cinema or theatre, a visit to an art gallery or whatever it is that you gain enjoyment from, ensure you have something planned and to look forward to for after lockdown. Whenever that might be. And then regularly afterwards.

Switch off the laptop or television. A change from doing the same old thing can improve your mood. Stop watching or reading about current Coronavirus updates. Take a break.

Take up a new hobby or concentrate on an existing one . Review the thing that you would really like to focus on, that gives you energy and happiness and that you enjoy and make plans to do it!

Review your achievements. Don’t forget your successes and strengths, the things you are good at and that other people appreciate about you. Write them down or read them regularly out loud.

Appreciate the people who are special to you. Tell them what they mean to you, and why.

Be calm. Recognise your signs of stress and minimise the situations you feel like this.

Do something different. Be brave! Plan to do something completely new and something you feel excited about. Maybe join an evening class, a supper club, visit somewhere you’ve never been before, ask someone out, or to come to you, or if you are a busy person just enjoy being alone and catching up with yourself. And in the moment of current times, choose something fun you can do this week. And next. Today and tomorrow too.

Learn to love yourself! If that’s too difficult to start with then learn to like yourself. Appreciate who you are and what you bring to others. Understand your strengths, your skills, your values and your successes. Know what makes you different and unique. This is also a great starting point to increased confidence.

If you’d like some support or help with any of the above, please get in touch.


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Sue is a well-established and accredited Glasgow based life and career coach. She works with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve positive change in whatever aspect of life they desire.

People are her passion and are at the very heart of her coaching and conversations.

Sue is a corporate trainer, tutor at the University of Strathclyde and she contributes regularly to the media – radio channels, newspapers and magazines, providing a life coaching perspective on a wide variety of topics.

Sue is available for coaching in current times via telephone, email, Skype and Zoom. Get in touch at sue@lifecoachingsolutions.co.uk, on  07597 107812 or visit her website .

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