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My experience of moving from Spain to Coventry

Luna Salem
18.03.24 – 02 Mins Read

As an international student who spent my entire life in the vibrant culture of Spain, moving to the United Kingdom for university marked a significant chapter in my life. The University of Warwick in Coventry became my new academic home. In this short blog article, I’ll explain my experience of moving from sunny Spain to the (not always sunny) Coventry.

Coventry itself has its own charm, with its mix of history and modernity. I’ve enjoyed exploring landmarks like the Coventry Cathedral and trying out a variety of unique restaurants from different nationalities such as sushi (Japan), daal (India) and hot pot (China), which I had never tried before. Weekends often find me venturing to nearby Leamington Spa, a charming town boasting picturesque streets and cozy cafe outings. Birmingham, with its vibrant energy and diverse cultural offerings, adds another layer to my student experience. Whether I’m exploring the bustling shopping districts or new bars, the city never fails to captivate me. Moreover, the accessibility of London, just a one-hour train ride away, opens up a world of opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

The decision to study management at the University of Warwick was an exciting one, and choosing Vita Student Cannon Park for accommodation added an extra layer of convenience to my university experience. Unlike many of my friends who opted for accommodation in Leamington Spa, a 30-minute bus ride away from campus, I found myself a mere 5-minute walk from the university.

The close proximity to the university means that most of my friends come over to mine for study sessions, taking advantage of the excellent study rooms and social hubs which include pool tables and a cinema room. Additionally, we’ve established a tradition of gathering in the communal dining rooms to prepare and enjoy meals together, fostering essential bonding time and providing a much-needed opportunity for relaxation.

Vita Student provides more than just accommodation; it’s a vibrant community where I’ve had the opportunity to try various classes and activities. From Pilates to skincare taster sessions to cooking and cocktail making classes, these activities not only allowed me to stay active but also introduced me to a diverse group of people who I’ve been able to forge meaningful friendships with. 

Being someone who values an active lifestyle, having an on-site basketball pitch as well as 24-hour gym within the Vita Student Cannon Park building has been a game-changer. This convenience eliminates any excuses for being lazy or having a busy schedule, allowing me to prioritize my health and well-being.

Finally, I must commend the studio in which I am currently residing within Vita, providing numerous amenities which have significantly enhanced my living experience. The generous allocation of space allows for seamless organization, featuring two wardrobes, ample shelving, and a bed ingeniously designed to lift, thereby accommodating suitcases and storage boxes underneath and maximizing spatial utilization.

Additionally, the studio boasts a spacious bathroom, which contributes to a sense of luxury in my daily routines. The inclusion of a 3-in-1 oven, microwave, and grill unit has greatly facilitated meal preparation, affording me the comfort and versatility necessary for culinary endeavours. Above all, however, the expansive double bed serves as the epitome of comfort. 

In conclusion, my move to Coventry and settling into life at Vita Student Cannon Park has been an adventure filled with new experiences, diverse friendships, and the convenience of a home away from home. As I continue my studies and exploration of the UK, I’m grateful for the welcoming community and vibrant living environment that Vita Student has provided, making this transition a memorable and enjoyable journey.