Make your move-out more sustainable with British Heart Foundation

Chloe Sweet
18.08.21 – 02 Mins Read
Vita Student's Nottingham student accommodation reception area.

We’ve teamed up with BHF to say no to move-out waste.

Every year, students across the UK throw away tonnes of waste when they move out of their university accommodation.

According to a study by British Heart Foundation, 19% of young people aged 16-24 aren’t sure how to recycle their old clothes, electricals, and homeware. As a result, a third of them will send their unwanted goods to landfill. 

This really isn’t good for our planet. Landfill waste releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the Earth’s atmosphere, speeding up the effects of climate change.

We wanted to solve this problem for our residents leaving university this year and make their entire moving-out process easy but more importantly, less wasteful. So, we partnered up with British Heart Foundation (BHF) on their ‘Pack for Good’ campaign. 

All 17 Vita Student buildings in the UK now have BHF donation bins situated outside, where students can give a new lease of life to their unwanted bedcovers, books, hangers, kitchenware, clothes and much more.

When you donate to British Heart Foundation, not only does someone get to enjoy your old items at a fraction of the original cost, and not only will you be supporting vital research into heart conditions, but you’ll also be doing your bit to curb greenhouse gas emissions. A true no brainer that’s good for the heart, soul, and planet too!

Last year, the campaign was rolled out successfully and our students’ donations raised over £20,000 for the charity. This year, we’re striving to raise even more for this worthy cause. 

Amanda Purkiss, a spokesperson for BHF said: “A huge thank you to Vita Student, a BHF Pack for Good National Partner, who have donated 1701 bags of donations through our Pack for Good campaign since 2019 to be sold in our charity shops.

“These donations keep our charity shops open and support those 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases.”

Vita Student’s Jonpaul Frank added: “It’s great to see [the donations] being resold or recycled to help such an amazing charity.

“This is amazing but only the beginning. As we continue to build on the great relationship that we have with BHF and continue to educate both our staff and residents on the importance of having a more sustainable move out period, we hope for this figure to continuously increase over the next few years.” 

British Heart Foundation also accept homeware donations in their many charity shops across the country. In just one year, they saved a total of 71,000 tonnes of items from going to waste and this prevented 135,00 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being produced.

Learn more about donating to BHF here.