My Journey to Vita Student – Arya from India

Chloe Sweet
10.11.20 – 02 Mins Read

Our students travel from all over the world to Vita Student and we asked them to document their journey for you.

Next up in the series is new student, Arya who booked this year at our Nottingham residence. Not only was she a brand new student to university in general but was one of the first to move into Vita Nottingham.

Here Arya talks about her journey from India as well as her arrival to Vita Student and her experience quarantining so far.


“Hello readers, my name is Arya Sali and I travelled from Mumbai, India to Vita Student Nottingham, UK. To be completely honest, it was a tiresome journey as travelling always is however, it was more than smooth sailing as I reached Nottingham. During my car journey I called up the reception to let them know about my arrival time amongst other details. The assistant manager replied to me in a very friendly tone that they will be ready for me the moment I arrive. This reassurance was much needed considering how long I had been travelling for.

Personally, I felt it was well organised and safe since I was asked to do a virtual check-in, keeping in mind the COVID-19 measures. The overall experience of virtual check-in was hassle-free which made my arrival at Vita Student Nottingham much easier. As soon as I arrived, the staff greeted me with a warm smile. They were very welcoming, and they also helped me safely carry the luggage to my room.

I was completely in love with the building, the facilities, the ambience, the vibe – it felt like home. I was really excited to move into my room and unpack my luggage. I arrived at 3.30 in the afternoon and tired from travelling all the way from India. However, I was too excited to unpack, which made me stay up late at night till 3.00 a.m., finally resulting in my room looking all set. I absolutely love the events Vita Student plans every week to keep us entertained and active.

I remember, I felt a bit sad that I wasn’t able to attend the pizza and painting event which took place before I came (I’d been following on Instagram beforehand to see how everything was!) but it made me more excited to get there. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to baking cookies and clay modelling. I really enjoyed both the activities and I look forward to seeing more of them. The Vita App comes in handy to check the upcoming events or to talk to the staff. They reply within minutes to make sure we’re comfortable.

My overall experience has been really unique and exciting since it was the first time I was away from home, living all alone. I would certainly recommend Vita Student to every student because of its incredibly friendly staff and its wonderful facilities which make it a perfect place for students. I, as an international student can completely relate with the surreal feeling one gets when they arrive in dorms. However, Vita Student is different. It’s everything you need.

I sincerely thank the staff at Vita Student Nottingham for a smooth check-in and
helping me whenever needed!”

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