My Journey to Vita Student – Sungjun from South Korea

Chloe Sweet
11.11.20 – 02 Mins Read

Our students travel from all over the world to Vita Student and we asked them to document their journey for you.

The third and final student in this series was new Vita resident, Sungjun who joined us all the way from South Korea!

Another epic journey to reach us in our Birmingham residence, Sungjun talks about the travel in general, how he felt arriving in the UK and how it differed from his pre-conceptions and what life at Vita Student Birmingham is like so far.

Let’s see what he said!


Last but not least we have Sungjun who joined us from South Korea to our Pebble Mill, Birmingham residence and did not have to isolate.

“My name is Sungjun and I moved to Vita Student from Seoul, Korea. The journey was perfect. On my way from Heathrow Airport to Birmingham, I took a coach (National Express) and the driver made the journey really safe so I could take a sleep a bit. And then I took an Uber to Vita Student Birmingham. The driver asked me lots of question about the journey, how I like this city. He was really nice making me comfortable as it is the very first time I’ve been to Birmingham. Vita Student have a new virtual check in and the instructions guided me really well so anyone is able to check in without a problem before they arrive. I was really excited to move into Vita because the pictures I saw on social media and online before arriving here were showing an amazing studio with good vibe. When I moved here, the pictures were authentic without filtering or editing. Every aspect of room is just amazing. I am not good at decorating a room, but I’ll try!

I did not need to isolate upon arrival however due to local lockdowns, I couldn’t invite friends or meet with more than 6 people. I was told about the virtual events and food delivery service via Vita Student’s official Instagram before I moved in. It makes a new city less lonely and makes my university life more fun. I was told about the Vita app when I moved in and I’ve been using it so far to print using the printer provided in reception for all students. I’ve not attended any events yet as I’m still settling in but when I have time, I will!

I feel quite safe in the UK now. People in Birmingham are wearing face covering whilst outside at this moment and everyone has to in shops. Back home in Seoul, I imagined 20% of people here are wearing face covering so I am really surprised that most of people are wearing one and it makes me a lot more comfortable. I’ve been to shops and malls several times with mask on but not yet in restaurants, I will visit bars and restaurants when I feel more comfortable.

Overall, I am really pleased with my experience so far and I’m glad I chose Vita Student.”

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