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Alexandra Greenhalgh
18.06.19 – 03 Mins Read

Twitch star kayPOW talks all things gaming

We caught up with graphic designer, tea lover and Twitch content creator KayPOW as she prepares to quit her day job and turn her passion for gaming into a full-time career. So, want to know the first game Kaylee ever played, console of choice and her favourite gamer? Well, we’ve got all the answers for you!

How did you get into gaming?

When I was younger my Dad bought a Playstation 1, I would sit with my two sisters and watch him play Crash Bandicoot. When I was old enough to understand how to use the controller I started playing it myself, I tried all sorts of games. I feel like the social side of gaming really opened up to me when I asked for an Xbox 360 for Christmas, I’d never really spoken about gaming to my friends back in school until I started playing Halo 3! Now it’s the thing I talk about most.

When did you realise that your channel was gaining a lot of attention?

I’ve been streaming for just over a year now. Twitch for me is ALWAYS about having fun and making people smile. I didn’t realise I was doing ‘well’ until I was approached by a few people in the industry, who commented on how impressed they were with what I was doing and how I was growing. I still don’t really see it! Perhaps because it’s not something I focus on much. They were all respectable people, so I don’t doubt them!

Would you ever consider turning gaming into a career or is it more of a hobby?

It’s something I’ve considered heavily, so much that I’m making it a reality! August 16th will be my last day working in a warehouse, after that I’ll be trying my hand at full time streaming and as a graphic designer/artist. I’ve saved up a good handful of my wages as back up, so I’m being smart about it. To be honest I’ve never really taken a risk in my life, I’ve always taken the safe route. It’s time to do something ambitious for once! Being safe really doesn’t match my crazy personality! If I fail at least I know I tried my best. I don’t think I’ll let myself fail though, I’m determined to bring more to my community and spread smiles near and far!

What’s your console of choice or do you mix it up?

I do think Xbox will always have a special place in my heart, however, I find PC more convenient for streaming. That may change when I update my graphics card!

What’s your all-time favourite game?

There’s so many amazing games to choose from, but it undoubtedly has to be Skyrim. I’m sure that doesn’t come as much as a surprise to many!

what does the future of gaming look like?

I think VR will continue to evolve and impress us, in a few years time I’d like to think we will all have the VR conveyor belts in our rooms so we can walk around our virtual worlds freely

Who’s your favourite gamer?

CyborgAngel is a huge inspiration to me. She’s a wonderful human, extremely beautiful and wonderfully talented at what she does!

First game you ever played?

Crash Bandicoot

If you could be any game character, who would it be?

I’ve always loved Sylvanas Windrunner from World Of Warcraft, but she’s had a horrendous past so I don’t think I’d like to be her. Actually pfft I’ve changed my mind, she’s my Queen. I’d still be her.