How to Prepare for Life After University

Alexandra Greenhalgh
02.10.20 – 02 Mins Read

A guest blog by graduate, Lucy Hudson

Many young people in today’s society tend to progress linearly through their academic life; when guided along from reception to university, there is always some sort of safety net. But what happens after you go out into the world on your own – what happens in life after uni?

Read on to find out how to best prepare for this exciting new stage of your life.

Prepare for the World of Work

Most people tend to want to go right into the world of work after they finish their graduate studies, and preferably something that is related to their degree. Nevertheless, it can be hard to find a job in a related field straight after graduation, leaving many young adults dissatisfied and feeling like they could have done better. Furthermore, in today’s perilous
economic climate, it is all the more likely that some fields (such as humanities or social studies) will suffer more than others in terms of job prospects.

It is always a good call to keep yourself informed about the changing job market and constantly adapt yourself to the changing circumstances – forewarned is forearmed! Companies such as Developing a Student make it much easier for prospective employees and those new to the world of work to find a suitable job or internship in their desired field right after graduation, even in a more ‘difficult’ degree.

Location, Location, Location…

Never be afraid to move around the country, or even the world, if your passions or job prospects demand such a change. Whilst at first it might seem incredibly daunting to move to another part of the country, you should always consider your options no matter how outlandish they may seem. You never know where they can take you!

If you already have your eye on a certain part of the country or a different one altogether, then be sure to familiarise yourself with local opportunities, as well as the general climate there (both weather-and people-wise!).

Websites such as Centre for Cities can help you to find a city or an area with the best opportunities for your specific ambitions, ensuring that you know exactly where you want to end up after finishing university.

Think About the Money

Whilst it’s easy enough to spend money, the hard bit is saving it – especially as a student. However, by thinking about your finances in the long-term, you will come out at a definite advantage compared to others in your age range. Automatic saving apps that round-up money that then gets sent to a savers account can be very helpful, as it makes saving money as easy as it is convenient – you will realistically end up with a decently-sized savings account in relatively little time.

Opening a Lifetime ISA also gives you a 25% bonus from the government towards your first house purchase, which is incredibly important if you plan on getting onto the property ladder in the next few years.

From looking out for a job, to choosing where you want to live, to looking out after your finances, these tips should carry you through and give you an edge in your life ahead.

Thanks for reading!