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Why study in Manchester?

Fast-paced and full of culture. Welcoming and wide-ranging. Manchester is a city made for students, and it’s all on the doorstep of Vita Student accommodation in Manchester.

There is no other city that delivers on student culture more than Manchester. Unsurprisingly, it has one of the largest student populations in Europe, with people coming from across the globe to experience everything Manchester has to offer.

Absorb the city’s rich culture. Become a part of its rebellious community. From the moment you move to Manchester, you’re a local.

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If you want to live in the centre of the city, on the bustling Oxford Road, Circle Square is the perfect choice.

Located on a quieter street, but still with plenty of culture and amenities on the doorstep is our First Street building.

Both buildings are situated less than a 10-minute walk from each other, close to all major universities in Manchester. Whichever building you choose to live in, you can count on the fact that you will be experiencing the best of student living in Manchester.

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Vita Student is for students that want it all.
For students that want to live without limits.
With an all-inclusive service, living at Vita Student accommodation lifts some of the pressures from university life, allowing you to focus on your studies and your experience.

Our buildings are full of friendly faces from many different places. All here to make the most of their time at university. Whether you are creative or academic, Vita Student is the place to learn, thrive and make connections.

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"Manchester never sleeps."

Manchester never sleeps – and if you live in the city, you’ll see why.

Feel the beat of Manchester’s notorious music scene as you walk the streets that inspired Oasis and The Smiths. With gigs to attend every night, you could be the first to discover this generation’s next music icon.

Feast your way through the endless options of restaurants in the city. A multicultural hotspot, Manchester reflects the best of all cuisines and it’s easy to get whatever you’re craving. From food trucks to fine dining, you’re spoiled for choice.

"layers of rich history weaved into the city."

While Manchester is known for its modern way of life, you can see layers of rich history weaved into the city. At every turn, glass skyscrapers tower above historical architecture, and show how this city has grown. It’s easy to unfold Manchester’s story – with Vita Student being the perfect place to start discovering.

Manchester United or Manchester City? It’s time to take your side. Football is the beating heart of Mancunian culture, and the city’s biggest rivalry has got to be witnessed. Take in the spirit of Manchester on Derby Day, and you’ll never forget it. And if you want to delve deeper, head to the National Football Museum in the iconic Urbis building.

One of the best things about Manchester is the range of districts to explore. From the quirky Northern Quarter to a beautiful marina at Ancoats, there’s plenty of sights to see and every day offers a new discovery. Get a taste of luxury in Spinningfields, and of course, immerse yourself in the student buzz on Oxford Road.


The University
of Manchester.

With 25 Nobel laureates under its wing, The University of Manchester is more than worthy of its iconic status. UoM’s teaching quality and research facilities are some of the best, attracting people from around the world to study here.

The University of Manchester is a part of the prestigious Russell Group and in the Top 5 UK universities for employability. So, if you study here, you’re likely to set yourself towards a successful future.


Manchester Metropolitan Uni is home to over 40,000 students from 170 countries. This modern university is ranked first in the UK for sustainability and has a strong focus on giving you the practical skills to succeed in your career.

Manchester Met’s Business School is the country’s second-largest, and has a number of newly-refurbished facilities to remain at the cutting-edge of higher education.


  1. What is there to do in Manchester?

    What isn’t there to do in Manchester? This city has everything you could dream of. Spend the day shopping at the Arndale or the Trafford Centre. Eat and drink in the coolest bars in the Northern Quarter and Ancoats. Stroll through the Gay Village and feel the streets come alive. Manchester is full of culture, sights, and friendly faces – and it’s the perfect place for students to live.

  2. What is Manchester famous for?

    Manchester is not only known for its incredible student culture. This city is famous for music – being the birthplace of bands like Oasis, The Smiths and The Stone Roses. It’s also home to two of the world’s most famous football clubs – Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester’s culture is shaped by all of these things, and if you live in the city, you get the chance to become a part of it.

  3. What are the best music venues in Manchester?

    Manchester is not short of music venues – and as a student you’ll want to visit as many as you can. Manchester’s biggest music venues are the AO Arena and Royal Albert Hall – both hosting performances from some of the world’s most famous artists. For more intimate gigs, try YES, which sits opposite Vita Student Circle Square, or Blues Kitchen in Spinningfields.

  4. Are there any rural aspects to Manchester?

    Manchester doesn’t just have incredible city living, but it’s also surrounded by beautiful National Parks and green spaces. Slightly east of Manchester is the Peak District, which is accessible by train. Here you can hike across rolling hills and valleys and stop for a cosy pub lunch.

  5. How long does it take to get from Manchester to London on the train?

    It takes just two hours to get from Manchester to London by train.

  6. Where do students live in Manchester?

    Students in Manchester tend to live in the centre of the city, near Oxford Road. From here you can easily walk to all of Manchester’s universities and be on the doorstep of the best bars, shops and restaurants. Students also live around First Street and Fallowfield. Explore Manchester with Vita Student and read more over on our blog.

  7. Where are the best places to eat and drink in Manchester?

    It’s difficult to narrow down the list of amazing places to eat and drink in Manchester, because there are just so many. Next to Vita Student Manchester is Hatch, a cool food market serving all types of culinary delights. In the Northern Quarter, the streets are full of must-visit restaurants and bars – one of these being PLY, a great place for pizza and drinks with your new-found friends.

  8. Can I see my student accommodation before I move in?

    When you book a room at Vita Student, you can enjoy early access to all your new building’s communal spaces before you move in. Discover your new study spot and save on your gym membership by securing your space today.

  9. What happens after I book my student accommodation?

    When you book at Vita Student, a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. So if you have any questions about your booking, don’t worry – our customer engagement team will support you every step of your journey with us, from booking until the end of your stay at Vita Student.

  10. What age do I need to be to live with Vita Student?

    You need to be 17+ to live at Vita Student, and a full-time university student in the UK or Barcelona.

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