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Vita Student, the accommodation experience you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Our Vita Student Warwick building at Cannon Park is a short walk from the University of Warwick campus, perfectly located for the Science Park and just a short drive into Coventry.

Warwick Castle provides a stunning backdrop to inspire the history makers of the future. Your calendar will be packed with festivals and cultural events and there are plenty of green spaces, medieval architecture and independent shops to fill your time and fuel your imagination.

Student accommodation with big apartments, big double beds, ensuite bathrooms, and private kitchens big enough to serve big meals for new friends.

Free breakfast in the morning, free events in the evening. The ultimate level of service, with your wellbeing the priority, always. And when you leave Vita Student? You’ll have the tools you need to kick-start your career journey.

No1 location for University of Warwick.

Cannon Park


Luxury student studios, more amenities and better opportunities to meet friends, whether you’ve just started university or you’re a postgraduate. All inclusive of your monthly rent, we’re the only student accommodation with everything covered.

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Living at Vita Student Warwick means you're choosing the ultimate student experience you'll enjoy for the rest of your life.

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‘The people and the staff, they’re very accommodating and very family-like.’


‘I think if you choose moving in to Vita, you won’t regret it.’


‘The vibe of the accommodation makes you feel really comfortable.’


'I saw all the fun people were having at Vita Student and I wanted to be part of that.'


Welcome to Warwick.

Between Coventry and Warwick you'll find a true slice of English life.

You have to start with Warwick Castle if you're looking to understand the cultural backdrop of the area. It represents one of the most historical parts of the UK that brought us William Shakespeare and Philip Larkin and you'll feel transported back in time to Olde England as you walk through cobbled streets filled with wonky wooden houses. The traditional folk festival takes place every year at Warwick Castle where your toes will be tapping to the strong beats of Folk music and you can listen to local poets' voices reverberate around the castle walls. There are festivals all year round including the Warwick Thai festival where you can enjoy music, Thai food, dancers and meet with Buddhist monks. Access The Festival at Sherbourne Park is a summer party where you can dance to electric DJs and artists until the sun goes down over the English countryside.

Float down the River Avon past some of Warwick's most historical sites by taking a boat ride from St Nicholas Park or wander aimlessly through the Victorian Hill Close Gardens in the spring to free your mind from exam stress. University of Warwick students can enjoy the Warwick Arts Centre right on campus which includes an art gallery, theatre, concert hall and cinema.

And just a 10 minute drive away you can find Coventry, the UK’s City of Culture for 2021 packed with cool cafes and bars.

The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is known for producing graduates that go on to future success through excellent teaching and research. With inspiring spaces, state of the art sports facilities and one of the largest multi-art form arts centres outside of London with over 2000 events each year, this is a great place to spread your wings without feeling lost in the crowds.

Coventry University

A modern university with international connections that see over 16,000 students studying at 47 locations in 18 countries around the world. Coventry University is the right place to study if employability is a key focus for you at university. The quality of teaching and research is designed to give students the skills they need to find work across the world. And all campus buildings are located close together so it makes for a really vibrant dedicated study environment.

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